Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Happy First Birthday Finnley

Oh sweet boy how long it has been since I held your perfect little body. Forever since I nuzzled your tiny little head filled with soft brown baby hairs tightly against my nose. I loved to smell you. We should be celebrating your first birthday. It wouldn't have been crazy big because we have never been too hot on those over sized 1st birthdays. It would have likely been something intimate with a few friends and family. You would have been the star though and you would be sitting in your high chair splashing in your very own piece of cake. My heart is so broken. I will forever long for you. I take comfort knowing souls never die as it's against even science to believe energy dies. I know your energy is near. I feel it. You keep me going on days when I am my most broken.

Instead of cake this year with you and your squishy 1 year old baby rolls, I asked friends to take photos of your name written creatively. Keeping your memory alive means so much to me. Friends not forgetting your short, but important little life is helpful in ways they may never know. I know we will be reunited soon sweet boy, but for now your memory has to suffice. Here is the culmination of this amazing project Finnley. Your perfect name. One of my favorite parts about this project has been remembering your cousin Ford alongside you. Your birthdays just 5 days apart, your names both begin with F, your cousins, you have each other. It helps knowing you were never alone on the other side.

I must say these ocean photos were really symbolic of Finnley's life. As beautifully as his name is written in the sand, the ocean's tide would soon wash it away, just like his short life. 

My brother and his wife laid their sweet boy to rest when he was born sleeping on November 8, 2016. It meant a lot to see his name being remembered alongside Finnley's so that is why you see Ford in some of these photos. This post is dedicated to the loving memory of Finnley Oliver Newsom 11/13/17-1/10/18 and Ford Eugene Jankiewicz 11/8/16.

I will leave you with some of my favorite memories 

Thank you from our entire family to each of you for helping us keep Finnley's memory alive. Thank you for taking from your lives to help us create this beautiful keepsake blog post.