Friday, February 25, 2011

Soaking Sprouting and Traditional Food Prep

Soaking and sprouting grains has became a fun new hobby for us. I want to give my family the most nourishing food I can and through much research and a new book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, I have decided to drastically change the way we eat and prepare foods. The main emphasis is real food, nutrient dense and real.

Some things include fermenting and/or soaking and sprouting grains, beans, and legumes of all kinds before cooking, drying, grinding or eating them.
  •  Eating organic eggs(get these free from my mom who took all our chickens when we moved).
  • Eating range fed beef and chicken or hunted and fished game and fish.(easy as my hubby fishes all the time and him and his brother and dad kill wild hogs regularly along with duck)
  • Eating raw butter, cheese and milks......not so easy. I go for organic and full fat versions instead. California has very few places you can buy raw and its expensive as heck!
  • Eating pesticide free fruits and veggies whenever possible
  • Eating raw, soaked and sprouted nuts
 There are anti nutrients(nutrients that rob your body of nutrients) in unsoaked or unsprouted grains. Also as you sprout grains, they use their own carbs to grow the sprout which them turns almost everything very low glycemic index which has completely taken care of my blood sugar issue. Some of my new favorite sites are: (great traditional recipes, though you must use your own judgement to adapt recipes with soaked, soured or sprouted grains)

As a side note to nutrition......I have dropped to 118! I am officially down 20 lbs in 3 months. Isnt it odd switching to full fat milks and butters, I have LOST more weight effortlessly this past month.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Beauty of my Life

New clothes

My NEW E350 super duty econoline


Now we can get preggs again eventually, with no to spare

Wii with our neighbors

Go Rod, Go baby

Bald eagle at our local lake

Lil eskino MaeMae throwing a tantrum(love her strong lil will)

Barbie laying out while we fish in 40 degrees

The joy barbies bring Kenna and Kayla making them clothing

Our snow filled street

Our street the other way

Kayla enjoying the pouring snow

My heart, my soulmate, my love the snow, in the rain, in the happiness and in the walk with me everyday through everything.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lets Talk Blood Sugar

I had GD or missed the mark by 1pt (failing one number and missing one more by under 1 point) for the last 3 pregnancies and the size of my babies prove that one point cutoff is ridiculous and I had GD. Unfortunately Drs just say to cut the sugar blah blah blah....real helpful, NOT. Never gave me a glucose monitor or even sent me to a nutritionist??? So I forgot about it and moved on with my life until I recently got the highish A1C reading on my blood work. Im truly praying that when we get off this mountain and get more sun, as vitamin D levels normalize, so will my blood sugar. I am not entirely sure that will happen though as my grandmother died at 54 after being on dialysis for 3 years, having no sight left and 5 massive heart attacks all due to diabetes complications, my dad was diagnosed diabetic in an emergency room with sugars over 500(yes he was VERY sick) and my aunt and one uncle on my moms side are also diabetic. My odds suck. Plain. And. Simple. So I decided to start checking my sugars here and there to see what foods(I mean I eat super healthy) were causing issues. Oddly enough most foods I tolerate very well with blood sugar dropping back into the high 80's or low 90's within 2 hours. My problem seems to be lunch/afternoon snack. My blood sugar is just shooting straight to 140 by one 1 hour and 160 by 2 hours, then 140, 3 hours post parandial. I am trying to stop the afternoon snacking in order to keep my blood sugar more stable. I have learned that snacking is not good for my system. After breakfast I peak about 1 hour post meal around 115-120 and then drop shortly after. I do typically have cinnamon at breakfast on my oats or Quinoa and I read cinnamon lowers sugar so maybe thats why. At dinner I never go over 100 and heres why I think that is. I am practically french at heart, not a lush, definately in moderation......but I drink a glass of red wine with dinner EVERY single night. Its my guilty pleasure and apparently it may be saving me too lol. I can even eat a homemade whole wheat choco chip cookie after dinner and BS never went over 101. ??? Crazy huh. Im half tempted to make my wine at dinner only 3 ounces and have the other 3 ounces with lunch and see what happens. I rarely drink more than 6 ounces of wine a day anyhow so why not split it up? But really I am afraid it may make me a tad lazy midday which I dont want either. hmmmm what to do. I am going to try for almost no carbs midday for a few days and see what happens. I most certainly dont want my BS in the 160s like EVER. Anyone struggling with normalizing blood sugars? This is all new to me so if you have any advice I am all ears and I guess I should say I am not diabetic(YET) but have been diagnosed glucose intolerant since I was 23. Oddly my FBS are usually 88-95 so they arent really all that high. Its my post parandial sugars that are obviously driving up my A1C's. FBS does go up to 119ish when preggo but drop as soon as I deliver. Anyhow I have always just tried and thought I was eating right. This is the first time I ever tried getting a real picture of what was going on and Im now trying to get a handle on these sugars. At least I know now that snacking is a big no no for me. I used to think it was healthy to snack every two hours on nuts, V8, string cheese etc. Not so much.