Sunday, January 8, 2012

16 Weeks Left and a Rough Start to 2012

 Still a girl!
My sweet baby girl

I have started this several times and retyped it trying to get it out correctly. Brylee hasn't really moved at all that I can feel and this is very abnormal for me so I have had some concerns the last 5 weeks. Well, Nate and I went January 2nd for a routine ultrasound at the perinatologists office only to find out our sweet baby girl has 2 choroid plexus cysts on her brain. One is small and one rather large. The peri told us this raised our chances significantly for downs syndrome and Trisomy 18. It was horrible news. I felt like someone kicked all the air from my lungs. I ran out of his office crying after he urged me to do an amnio. I still haven't decided whether to take the risk of miscarrying her all to know if she is healthy or not. We already have one child with a genetic disorder.....I thought you could only win the lotto once. Don't get me wrong, Wyatt is the most amazing kid. We love him so so much, but the things he has to live through are so hard for him and us. I cannot imagine something with even greater challenges. It breaks my heart into a million pieces for my baby girl. I go to my regular OBGYN Dr tomorrow and we have another ultrasound scheduled for one week to check even further for any other soft markers as well as to see if the cysts have gone down at all. If you have a story to share regarding these cysts, good or bad, please do so. Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts and prayers. xoxo