Friday, March 23, 2012

More Details to Come April 2nd

.....but for now, I went to my cardiologist yesterday who is very worried as I have had a lot of SVT this pregnancy. He is opting for a 35 week delivery and saying we need to end this asap. I will know the exact plan with Dr. T as of April 2nd at my next apt. That day I will be getting my steroids for the baby's lungs and my induction date. I am not sure he will be comfortable with the cardiology recommendation and I am not sure I am either, but in the next sense, I am not comfortable going into SVT and passing out either. My Cardiologist has also revoked my driving privelidges until delivery which has been the biggest blow. We are trying to decide what to do about that as my kids are in activities and school and me not driving is hardly an option. Wishing the next 4-5 weeks go quick.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I haven't fallen off the map or lost my sanity or anything crazy haha, just been really busy. The nesting this pregnancy has been the most intense of any of my pregnancies. That translates into one busy husband who is trying to meet all my requests for paint, wallpaper, rearranging rooms, putting in a new lawn, getting my garden ready to plant....yea I know you are tired for him reading this. So much upgrading has been going on to the house. We are buying our house, currently in escrow.....very exciting! Everything is coming together and we are just about ready for our sweet and final baby 8! Nate had his consult and goes soon to end our childbearing years:0) I have never felt so at peace with such a huge decision. The pregnancy has been hard to say the least. We had the cyst scare, I had horrific morning sickness, I am now battling major heart issues, currently under direct and constant care of cardiology. Praying I make it out this one last time alive and then I will be getting an ablation after BryleeAnne arrives. I will let you all know the date of my induction after my next appointment. I go in April 2nd for lung steroids and Dr. T has stated that we will be inducing right at 36 weeks irregardless of lung development status because of my heart. So that would make for induction right about May 1st or 2nd. My last 3 babies were preemie and all very healthy, 2 being born at 35W5D and one being born at 34W3D 2 with steroids and one without. I don't feel nervous due to that fact. So it looks like this mama is done being a baby maker for good as of exactly 6 weeks from now.......Halle-freaking-llujah!!