Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Finished Miss BryleeAnne's Blankey

This was my first time doing a ruffle edging and I love it. I feel like it turned out super cute! :0) Can't wait to wash it in dreft and wrap her baby sweetness up in it!


I am the happiest Mama alive right now.....crying tears of pure joy. I just found out the results of our ultrasound from yesterday. BryleeAnne showed absolutely NO signs of ever having had a cyst. There were no other fetal anomolies of any sort. She is measuring exactly to the day on size. My placenta and cervix were perfect! Life is so good. I can finally breathe. The elephant is off my chest and I am ready to SHOP til I drop for ribbons and bows:0) She's my last sweet baby so yes I gotta spoil her! Thank you for all your love and support over the past 37 days of waiting and worrying xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not Much of an Update

Sonographer turned the screen completely so I could not see her doing any measurements, nor could I see if the cysts were still there or how large they were. I spoke to my Dr.s nurse this afternoon and apparently my Dr is out until tomorrow morning, which of course means I will know nothing until then. :( Hell, after waiting 35 days, I guess what's one more day right.....ugh. On a good note though, we saw her little face for the first time really. She actually faced the camera and I got to look at her for the last 5 minutes and she is beautiful. She looks so much like Mae Mae, big ol smooshy kissy lips. Can't wait to hold her and give her a big kiss:) xoxoxo

Friday, February 3, 2012

Follow Up Ultrasound Tuesday

Sorry for my lack of updates. I just really haven't had anything to report. I have had to try and carry on for the past 31 days since our last ultrasound, waiting. Its not been easy. I am not the patient kind. I stopped all work on her blanket, refused to let myself buy anything, etc. Something came over me about a week ago though.....this peace and I started shopping. I also picked her blanket back up and am continuing work on it. I think its going to be okay. My belly is round and full and very pregnant now. I feel her moving and squirming well now from the inside and outside. Nate feels her. We are in love with her. Its just something as parents, you can't help even if you try. I tried to stay disconnected to protect myself, but I couldn't. I have a full, hopefully healthy, active lil girl inside me and I truly hope these cysts are gone when we go in Tuesday. All thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. I will let you know as soon as we know something. :) A lil over 12 weeks til we meet our sweet BryleeAnne.