Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Out my kitchen window. I feel so blessed!
Our Rain-O-Meter sorry pic is sideways lol

Jersey, my horsey
Dandy getting ready to eat
Pixie(Nate's horse)

Going out to feed the horses


Ringo playin in the snow(these pictures were all taken this morning and we have since had 4 or so more inches with it snowing very hard again right now)

Its so neat to be unschooling in such crazy weather this week. We have been able to have a blast with it. As most know, California has gotten a batch of the crazies for weather this week, tornado's, 2-4 inches of rain each day with 70mph wind speeds and tons of snow in low elevations. We are really enjoying it because its not something we get to see all the time. Snow is usually only a few times a year where we live. On Monday we made snowflakes and hung them all over our dining room window and put winter wishes on them. They have snow, hot chocolate, stay healthy, live in gratitude and J-O-Y(Jesus first, others second, yourself last), etc. Well, their wishes are being manifested right before our eyes. We have so much snow, its incredible. It is still pouring snow as I type. Anyhow, backing up to Monday, we ended up finishing out morning by making snowflake tortillas and frying them and putting powdered sugar on them for breakfast mmm. Then we got curious since we knew we had a whole 9 day forecast loaded with big rain, about how to measure it for ourselves. Well, we went online and made a rain-O-meter. We have been able to track our precipitation each day. Wyatt added it up for a total today (5 days into these storms) and we have gotten 5.35 inches thus far. Kayla averaged the temps for the week thus far, coming up with 40. The week started warmish(48) and its currently 38 today. Life is learning, learning is living and we choose to live our lives in a deep gratitude for each new thing. Seeing 6 beaming little faces from ear to ear this morning when they saw everything white outside, nearly melted my heart in joy for my life. I am one lucky mama.

4 Birthdays in One Month--January!

Wyattman Jan 19th(excuse the mess of train parts on the floor lol)
Wyatt wanted a Pengiuns of Madagascar cake , I made it
Heres Skipper
Tanner Jan7th I made him a hotwheels racetrack cake!

His new wooden trainset

And, Nate was Jan 2nd......and me, Jan 20th. Its been an expensive month:)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Kenna and Wyattman
Aw Kayla and Daddy
Kenna! She has since fully weaned from bottle and breast! yay
Madelynn crawling
My mom and her boyfriend Chris
My sister and her boyfriend Ronnie, holding Maddy and Lexi
Christmas morning! OMGosh, this was put together during the night so they woke up to it as a total suprise
Kennas fav new toys
Christmas eve, in their new jammies

What a blessed Christmas we had.

Knotts Merry Farm

Joie(step coisin) and Kenna
New Sling I MADE!!

MaddyMay sleepin on mama
The whole fam in line for calico mine
Joie and Kenna again, having a lot of fun
MaddyMay and Grandpa

riding the trucks

This is our 3rd annual Knotts Merry Farm trip. We go each year with Grandpa, Nana and their Step coisin Joie. Its so much fun and a tradition we plan to continue.