Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome BryleeAnne Renahe!!

So we were scheduled to be induced Friday the 27th at 7am. We woke up excitedly getting ready only to find out they were swamped with a bunch of women needing C sections and told us they would call IF they got a bed available. To say I was bummed would be the understatement of the century. We moped around most of the day with no call. Finally at 2:30 we were told to come in. I was in a major debate as to whether I wanted to endure childbirth pain one last time or enjoy the birth as a birthday party so right away I asked the nurse if the epidural might cause extra issues with the baby since she would be a preemie. The nurse told me they actually suggest epidural for moms of preemies to keep the labor in better control as well as the pushing. I was releived and asked for an epidural at only 2 cm. I have never done that before, but it was exciting to think of not dealing with any pain. They gave me my epidural at about 11pm that night. The first 4 hours I was on cytotech going from 1-2 cm and thinning out. They started pit around 9:30pm. After the epidual I was able to relax and dilation began. I was at a 3 at midnight, a 4 at 1 am and then a 5 at 2am. At that point I told everyone they had better get moving and get the warmer out and call my dr. They thought I was nuts and started nothing. 5 minutes later, I yelled that I was feeling some pressure, I was at a 6, 5 minutes later, a 7. They all got scared, paging my Dr overhead, calling NICU, getting the warmer out, breaking down the bed and my body started pushing without me during all this. As soon as my Dr walked in and told me to push, 3 lil pushes and BryleeAnne came into this world SCREAMING! None of my other kids came out screaming, but what a blessing that she did. We were so scared of her not breathing or any other thing that might go wrong being a preemie, but she let us all know she was alive and well. She was born at 2:30 am weighing 5lbs 15 ounces and 18 inches long. It was wonderful. I cried so much. It was my most emotional birth knowing it was our last sweet baby. We did skin to skin for over an hour before she was weighed or measured or anything. That was so amazing! I had no bleeding issues this time either. I cannot beleive how lucky and blessed I am as a mom to 8 beautiful children, 4 boys, 4 girls! I made it through all my childbearing without having had a C section too. I feel so undeserving of my life. I am so grateful for everything, my husband, my beautiful babies and my wonderful births. It was truly a birthday party Saturday morning April 28th at 2:30 am in that hospital. I will cherish that moment forever!