Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had our big U/S at 19 weeks, last Saturday. Madelynn is still all girl and her measurements and everything seemed to be right on target. My uterus is a tad swimmy and large, but to expected as this is my 10th pregnancy. Anyhow, I am finally starting to really poke out too. This phase of pregnancy has been wonderful. I am eating well again and enjoying all the energy.

Here she is rubbing her eyes
Her sweet profile. She has big lips!
waving hi
Another profile shot of my sweet baby girl.
20 weeks, AKA 5 months today! I am getting bigger, but I swear I really do look bigger in clothes than I do bare belly.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We went looking for a nice family dog this week because Nate will be back to shift work soon and I wanted a dog to sleep inside and bark if anyone were to bother my house. By the third shelter, it was getting late and we felt like we wouldnt be finding a dog as kids were sleepy and hungry and the day was winding down. Well, to our suprise, we see Sandy and ask to play with her a bit. They pulled her out and the man exclaims, "Well, she is being put down tomorrow so if you want her, you will have to get her tonight." Oh the guilt we felt. I prayed that she would be what we are looking for and pass the cat test(we have cats) because I couldnt bare the though of controlling her destiny like that. She ended up passing the cat test with flying colors, walks better on a leash than any dog we have ever owned and was a totally gentle lovebug with the kids. I knew she was meant to be. We really love her, she's a total sweetheart.

The New Kitchen Table

SO EXCITED to help Daddy
Tanner really got in there and worked
Everett, Wyatt and Kayla all helped some too
Almost together now
WALA! Final product! The pic makes it look small, but notice its almost touching both walls on either side of the dining room, its good sized

This one should last. We bought it raw and Nate stained it all to match our kitchen cabinets and then had the kids help him in putting it together. We got a great deal on it since it wasnt yet stained also. It seats us all nicely and we could even squeeze 3-4 more in if need be so that is awesome. I love the benches cause you aren't confined to a certain number. I think it turned out very beautiful. We have definately moved more towards french country in our home and this suits it well I think! But even better than style, this baby is built to last.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Madelynn's birthday!

I had a cardiology apt last Friday and OB this Friday. Cardiology said it looks like the heart issue is SVT to him, but in either case with the problem already starting again, he wanted me to plan another early delivery because these issues tend to get very difficult towards the end of the pregnancy as they did with Kenna. He also talked about doing the ablation after delivery which would be great as my last cardiologist ended up deciding not to do it and I have come to regret that. Anyhow, I am already on L and D's schedule for March 26th 2009! I can't believe I have the date already. I will be 36 weeks and 5 days so a tad further along than I was with Kenna. I am praying she will be healthy and all will go well. I will be getting a steriod shot at 34 weeks exactly for her lungs as an extra precautionary which makes me feel so much more at ease to deliver early. My dr is awesome! This will make for 2 sweeties in Septermber, 2 in January and 2 in March. I think its pretty neat that all the kids have a birthday buddy so far:0) I wonder what our next baby's birthday month will be?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

While I am on a Cheapy Roll

I just couldn't help but post these outfits. I got all 4 from Ross for Wyatt, Everett, Tanner and Kenna for Christmas and my grand total was only 48 dollars!! I was really excited to find 4 piece dress up outfits for the boys for only 11 bucks each and Kennas was around the same. I did have to order one for Kayla, but I got hers for about 15 bucks on so I was happy with that. Not bad for everyone's Christmas clothes for church. The nice thing is, the boy's clothes will be able to be worn after Christmas as well.

In Light of Thriftiness

I just had to post about this. I decided since we are trying to be much more thrifty with our money so Nate wont need to work overtime, that I would make myself go to the DI and maybe one other thrift shop locally one time a week, but only buy needed items when/if they have them. Well I go into the DI today knowing my kids need church clothes desperately as they are quickly outgrowing their $20 button down shirts and nice dresses. I walk in and I swear our father in Heaven, He REALLY knows our need. To my surprise I find a brand new Van Heusen button down in pale blue for Wyatt, $4 and a brand new white white button down for Everett, $8. To make matters better, there is a beautiful boys jacket in sz 5 that will either fit Everett or Tanner, but I snagged that as well for only 4 bucks. Next, I hit the girl's sections and Kenna really needed some new dress shoes as her only ones are white and the crawling has done a number on them. I walk up and kid you not, a brand new pair of little shiny black dress shoes in her size(3) for only 3 bucks. I would have paid at least 14 at Payless for the exact shoe. I couldn't even believe it. I then find a beautiful dress for her in size 3 that I plan to stuff away. It was brand new and at least a 20 dollar dress and I got it for 5 bucks. So my grand total leaving was 26 dollars for 2 brand new dress shirts, a slightly used boys dress jacket, a brand new dress and brand new shoes for Kenna. Can you believe that? I stopped in at a consignment store as well to check for big girl dresses and while they had so many in sz 6, nothing in sz 8 for Kayla. She was a tad bummed, but I told her that these places are just hit and miss and one day there will be a jackpot for her and nothing for the boys, that she just has to be patient! So I feel super proud of myself today for my accomplishment. I am very picky so it was surprising to me that I found anything I liked.

Monday, November 10, 2008

17.5 Weeks Pregnant With Madelynn

This isnt my fondest look lol! I prefer very thin or VERY pregnant, but hey, who's complaining right! :0) Just so blessed to be pregnant!

Books Books Books

My most recent reads were A Full Quiver by Rick and Jan Hess and Family UNplanning by Craig Houghton. A Full Quiver was funny, enticing and I read it in 2 days! It was so good and even if someone were convinced by what they have to say, they would love this book as it makes many valid points. Family UNplanning, I have just started really, but it looks like it will be good as well. Trusting Heavenly Father to plan your family takes so much strength and sometimes I need the little boost that quiverful books and blogs can give.

A Little Fishin

Family photo
The catch! We caught about 20
The boys carrying the catch
Crazy Tanner with a big Trout

We have been incredibly busy lately so blogging has been put on the backburner. It seems like we have had about 50 medical/dental apts and everything in between lately, but we have still found time for relaxation and fun. So this past week we got a new kitchen table. Its beautiful. I will let it speak for itself when its put together as I plan to take pictures and post them. Its a rustic wooden picnic table that is very long and will fit lots of kiddos! We spent the better part of Saturday picking that out and fishing and it was a great day.