Monday, April 23, 2012

Expected Birthdate 4-27-12

Well after a long 3 appointments today, we finally have our for sure date set. Friday morning at 7am, we will be starting pit and getting this baby girl out:) Dr. T decided to skip a second amnio after the NST, fluid check and appointment today. Brylee nearly failed the NST. In 30 minutes we had only one small acceleration and no movement. She did move later after I left but we are keeping a close eye on that. My heartrate was as high as hers the entire NST so Dr. T decided between baby and I that we would be going forward with induction regardless. I will be 35 weeks and 2 days so that is excellent and much further than we thought I would make it! My 34 and 35 weekers did great so I hope everything will go just as well this time. Praying for no NICU time and a big healthy baby girl. I will update next week and let you know how it goes!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

We're Still Pregnant

We had the amnio last week on Monday April 16th, hoping for mature lungs and induction Wednesday the 18th. The bummer was her PG level was only 25, forgot to ask about her L/S ratio so I'm not sure what that was. We were looking for a PG level of at least 40. Average is a 2 point a day increase in PG levels so we can safely assume it will be high enough about Monday the 23rd. We are supposed to do another fluid check and NST Monday as we are barely having enough fluid left at this point. As for induction, we plan to do another amnio Wednesday the 25th and as long as her PG levels are over 40, we will be induced Friday the 27th. I am glad to have made it to nearly 35 weeks and happy that I will be over 35 weeks at delivery, but I won't lie, its been really rough. I am at the point of really wanting an end to this. I don't know what I will do if her lungs are still immature, but I am sure a good cry will be in order. I want her to be ready. I am already overly ready. Please send all your thoughts and prayers for us that we will have our baby in our arms Friday the 27th.....6 short days away!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Baby News

Yesterday's prenatal appointment went well. We ended up getting an NST and an ultrasound to check fluid levels which were both unexpected, but the great news is that baby looked amazing, as did her fluid levels:) Now for the nerve wracking/exciting part, we go back Monday for a repeat of yesterday's tests and then we head to the hospital for the amnio. Pending mature lungs, my induction is scheduled for Wednesday April 18th at 7am!!!! EEEEEEP that is coming so soon. I pray her lungs are extremely developed and that she will do very well. I'm nervous, but excited to get childbearing and birthing behind me and get home with my precious and final newborn of our clan! Now, if her lungs are not mature enough, we will go for an induction the 25th. Soooooo, looks like we will have a baby in possibly 8 days:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry to Leave You Hanging

We have been going nonstop. We went to our appointment Monday April 2nd and received the first round of steroids for BryleeAnne's lungs. 24 hours later, we went back for round 2 so that is now done and taken care of. Much more happened Monday though.....the perinatologist, cardiologist and my Ob had a phone conference as to what the best option was at this point in the pregnancy. They decided to get steroids on board since I am dilated already and then start tapping(amnio) me at 34 weeks and if lungs are ready, induce. If not, we will tap again at 35 weeks. They fully anticipate lungs to be ready at 34 weeks though and I am pretty sure they will be also since I have had steroids and my other early babies had very mature lungs. All this came as a surprise as we were planning a 36 week induction originally. I am very nervous. Nate was also placed on family medical leave until delivery due the severity of heart issues this time. I am unable to be alone with all the little ones because of the collapsing and passing out. So that's everything in a nutshell. 2-3 weeks left until delivery. We have kicked nesting into extreme high gear around here. Painting, organizing, prepping, finally doing all the baby laundry these last few days and just getting everything done and ready. Our final baby will be here soon. Nate goes in May for the big V and we couldnt be happier or more at peace with that decision as we have been advised by many Dr.s for me to never have more children at this point to which I fully agree. My body is DONE!