Monday, October 18, 2010

Just 2 Days Difference

 6 days old(Jaundice was peaking)
 Big yawns
 8 days! See the difference in his cheeks:)
My chubby lil guy! Jaundice on the mend, dropped several points!

Jaxxon is growing well and doing great. He did get a decent case of jaundice and we have had him sleeping with a billiruben blanket which obviously did the trick. Within 2 days of using it just at night, his levels dropped several points from 18.9 to 16.2 yesterday. His color is looking better and he is more alert. He is a great eater and I find it so amazing how much he has changed just in 2 days, his lil cheekers are growing by the minute:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just some pics of Jaxxon

Tired Daddy taking a turn with baby to snuggle

Wide awake and alert lil preemie:)

Mama and Jaxxon yesterday at 4 days old. I am feeling vibrant and great

Tanner in the hospital with his baby brother

Kayla with him

Everett taking a turn

Aw my Wyattman, such a gentle big brother

I feel so blessed and Heavenly Father has truly answered every prayer request I have thrown at him this past week, I feel so undeserving, yet so grateful.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Introducing Jaxxon Levi born at 34 weeks 3 days, Born 10-10-10

Jaxxon and Mama leaving the hospital today!

Jaxxon Levi, born 10-10-10

At birth, see all the bruising?

Well, on Saturday October 9th, 2010 at 2pm I went to the restroom. When I stood up I thought it was strange that I was still "peeing" myself. Then it hit me, omgoodness MY WATER BROKE! I called Nate who was searching a house and he immediatly left and rode code 3 all the way home to get me. We all jumped in the suburban and started driving like mad to get down the mountain to the hospital. His dad arrived just when we did and he took the kids and our car. As I was being wheeled into L and D, I felt the flood gate open and I stood up as soon as we arrived and at the moment, I think every last drop of water was gushing from my body. My jeans looked as though I went swimming. There was even water on my socks. The dr didn't want to push my body into labor since I was only 34 weeks so they put me on antibiotics and left me overnight with an irregular contracing pattern still 3 cm and 80%. By morning, my temp went up and the new on call Dr said we needed to be more aggressive in getting labor going and getting baby out. At that point, they started pitocin and the contractions began. It was the single most painful, terrible labor I have ever experienced. Baby was posterior with absolutely no water. After 4 hours of me screaming like I was 10 cm and ready to push, I was still only 3 and 80%. The dr advised that dry birth is EXTREMELY painful and that I should consider an epidural in order to relax so he could get out sooner. I got the epi and I had them make it very mild so I felt most of what was going on and could still move my legs, but it took the edge off. Within 10 minutes I was a 5, within 50 more minutes I was complete and baby was +2 with the OB at home. She drove like mad and I held my legs closed. She ran in and caught baby Jaxxon who came out screaming and pink, apgars were 8 and 9. We understood why the birth was so painful when we saw his head. He was black and blue all over from being posterior and his head was just grinding on my bones during contractions which explains the severity of pain. I have had most of my kids natural and I knew something wasn't quite right with the pain I was in. The dr was very proactive to control bleeding because I tend to be a bleeder so I had methergen, cytotech, and 3 bags of pitocin. It worked and I didn't have to experience much bleeding. Jaxxon did have to go to NICU after I held him for a bit so they could observe him simply because of his age. He stayed there overnight where I stayed about 90% of that time with him through the night, exhausted and bleeding sitting straight up. It was worth it, I didnt want him in there without me. The next morning, the neonatologist came in and released him as he was perfect, O2 sats 100%, nursing well, and holding temps in an open air crib. We then roomed in together for 2 days and were sent home today. His birth weight was 6.4 lbs, yes he was HUGE as I suspected. A 34 weeker is typically 4-5 lbs. He discharged at 5.13 this morning. We are doing great and I feel so lucky that he is so healthy for being 6 weeks early. God answered our prayers.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

9 Days

Had my second to last prenatal apt today and I have one more next Thursday before my induction the 17th. Baby is indeed measuring large, 3 weeks to be exact, so we assume he's gonna be a biggem! Dr doesn't know if I will make it as my cervix changed another CM this week and I am almost totally thinned out. Have had loss of mucous plug and lots contractions, but only time will tell. I would LOVE to meet him today, but really the induction is very early as is so he needs to stay put. We are so close and each day is such a victory as we are delivering early. Nights are sleepless(maybe 4 hrs a night tops) but I know its best if lil guy stays put just 9 short more days.

 Oh and another change, Kenna got the Jessie doll from Toy Story 3 for her birthday and has carried and played with it nonstop. Why would this matter you ask, well, I started hating the name Jesse, feeling like I would give birth to a red-headed cowgirl with a crazy grin any second. We decided on an official name change......Jaxxon Levi. I really love the name and I am glad to have changed it to something a lil more masculine and not related to a red-headed cowgirl! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

15 Days

I am hangin in there! The weather cooling has slowed contractions and made me much more comfortable. I am enjoying all the rain and thunderstorms so much. I've been passing time baking, cooking, cleaning, and coming up with creative things to do so time will literally fly:) I am sooooo ready to meet my lil man, but I am glad he is staying put thus far.....each day we are a little closer and he is that much more developed and ready for the outside world. I will tell you one thing in this world that would make me a million times more uncomfortable than I am at the moment and that would be leaving my baby in a NICU so I think of that as each day passes and he is inside me. I am greatful to God for allowing me to keep carrying Jesse even with all discomforts there are to be had and the fact that I am dilating and effacing early because I know he is safe and he is WITH me, his mommy who loves him more than anyone in this world ever could. I know there will still be a chance for NICU time with him being born at 35 weeks and 3 days, but I pray daily for God to hasten his development and for him to be able to come home right away. My last 2 were perfectly healthy at 35 weeks and 5 days with one receiving steroids and one not, but they were girls so I am really hoping my son is as much a fighter as his big sisters. Deep down I am at peace that he will be. I feel confident knowing he had steroids and knowing God is in control and will see his delivery through.