Monday, April 13, 2009

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and check out my post partum weight loss pics. I am so proud! I am 2 pounds from pre preg weight and dropping fast:) Oh and for all those who are asking, grab the book, Body For Life and visit the website am just following it to a T and thats how I am loosing so fast, BUT I am also nursing 2 babies.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Madelynn's First Beach Trip @ 12 days old

Madelynn as we were leaving
Enjoying the milkies haha
Dang camera blurred kaylas face Wyattman
They had an awesome playground
aw Kissy kissy
My sweet baby
Playing in the freezing water
Love this pic of Kayla
12 days old, soakin in the sun

All the big kids playing in the sand
Nennapoo loved it

It was the only day this week forcasted to be above 80 so we wanted to take the kids to the beach during spring break and get a nice tan. We went to Newport/Balboa and spent the entire day walking, getting ice cream, sunbathing, and playing in the sand and water. The weather couldnt have been better and I think Maddy really loves the outdoors like the rest of us. I wore her most of the day, but I still managed to get a tan too:0)

Post Partum weight loss

April 26-sunday: I am 128 this morning. I am so proud of myself. I am staying committed and its paying off! I will take another pic after a few more pounds.
Tuesday April 22-HAPPY Due Date to me! I need to get a recent pic, but I am still recovering from mastitis. I am now at 129(1 pound below prepreg weight), these last several pounds are just moving so slow. Now I am hoping to drop another 5-10, but if I dont, I am still very happy with my body.
20 days post partum side view-weight 131.0!! 1 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight
20 days post partum weight 131.0 front view with my tanner man.
Easter Sunday, 18 days post partum-weight 132, 2 pounds from pre preg weight and belly is almost flattened out, planning to loose a little more though and get below pre preg weight. Maybe 125??

17 days post partum-weight 133.5
leaning out and looking toner....I started working out 3 days post partum. 16 days post partum-weight 136
5 days post partum-weight, 141
7 days post partum
12 days post partum-weight 139

I will keep posting more pics as I further deflate to show progress. My delivery weight was a whopping 149, my highest delivery weight of all 6 kids by 2 pounds. I am hoping to get the weight off quickly and it seems to be melting off easily. I am doing the Body For Life plan, eating and work out and its working beautifully so far. I started back working out modified at 3 days post partum and by 12 days post partum, I started back full force, unmodified work outs.

Jenahe's Baby Shower

Ashley(sisters bestie), Jenahe, Momma, Kayla, Me and Madelynn
Hangin out
Mommy and Daddy to be!
Hanging out by the cake, yummm
My sister turned 35 weeks and had her shower this weekend. We took her a snuggle nest to cosleep with since that is what she asked me for and because cosleeping is something that is so near and dear to me that I was thrilled she wanted to partake. She actually coslept with my parents til she was 7 though so I think she always figured she would do the same for her kids. I am excited to meet my neice, baby Lexi.

Madelynn's first fishing trip

Maddy and Mommy
My loves
My sexy!

Kenna says, "Ew grow."

Ebbers and Kayla
My big girl, she is getting so old
Everyone fishin
We took Maddy at 6 days old and went out for a picnic and day at the park to fish and play and be outdoors. It was beautiful and I think Madelynn really enjoyed herself along with the rest of us, getting out!