Sunday, July 2, 2017

Farm Updates

The farm is in full, crazy summer gear. Produce is cranking along with the beautiful sunshine. Tomatoes are within reach dear friends!!! SO SO close! Hoping within 10-14 days they will enter shares. Peppers look to be about 3 weeks off. Eggplants maybe a month. Corn is almost waist high so its coming along nicely. Lots of great things on the horizon. This is shaping up to be a great season. We are so happy after such a wet, cold start. It humbles us and reminds us that amazing things come when we are patient and keep our noses to the grindstone pressing on through all the challenges. Last year it was gophers, this It will always be something, but us farmers are learning with each passing season to be more resilient.  

Join us eating the rainbow to vibrant health for our Organic Summer 2 CSA!! Limited spots available, reserve your organic weekly veggies at the link below! Share with your friends! GREAT price for delicious, seasonal, local veggies!! This season runs July 22-Sept 23rd:) We accept SNAP and Albany Farmer's market pick up will match your SNAP money up to $10, which covers HALF your share if you are picking up a small!!!!! AMAZING deal. Our current customers are already boasting "accidentally losing 12 lbs since CSA started," "My digestion is improved and I am regular," "I have lost so many inches since eating all these veggies," and "My energy is improved from all the juicing we are doing, I feel amazing." Our customers are thrilled and we are right alongside them feeling the wellness. It takes a lot of strength and energy being 4 months pregnant and running a full CSA with Farmer's Market. These veggies truly power me through each and every day! We literally only have  a couple of spots for summer 2 so if you are interested, sign up quick!  

Some of our harvesting so far!


We will have eggs at all our drops if you decide to join. They are not certified organic like our veggies, but they are fed mostly our veggies and given some commercial feed to keep them laying well. $4 a dozen. This is entirely our son Everett's business. He runs everything chicken related from feeding, watering, collecting and cleaning eggs to selling :) He keeps a great little flock of healthy girls.


Another thing, I will bring a handful of these awesome CSA boxes to each drop in case anyone is interested. They will be available for purchase for a modest $8. They are taking up space and we thought many of you may like them as they make veggie transport super easy, they fold closed with handles and fold flat for easy storage when not in use. Super easy to clean. They are used, but in pretty good shape with many years use left on them. :) 

Market this week:)


In some previous shares from this season thus far:

Some farm Recipes: 

Some extra pics

Farm afternoon with Popsicles and their fav dog!
​Field breakfast

​Beautiful beets
​June 30th Tomatoes

Jefferson food pantry drop off
Kenna helping harvest a yummy patty pan squash!
We thank all of you who made it to the end of this LONG farm update haha!  We are blessed to grow veggies for an amazing community. It is a gift. Eat well my friends!  

Click here to join our Summer 2 CSA.