Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dave Ramsey Update

Well, another check went out today! We are down to 6,000 left in debt!!!!!! 40 grand in Sept only 6 grand now in May 08. That means we have paid off 34 thousand dollars in 8 months. We have lived on vitually nothing lol! God is GOOD! Seriously, anyone struggling with debt should grab the book, Total Money Makeover or at least read his website. I really like him too because he is Christian and he is the first to say you pay tithe first and then debt. He is so completely right. Our faithfulness to tithe is what I believe is getting us through. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO, we are sooooo close.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have labels now!!!

Now its easy as pie to get around my blog and visit old posts about any subject that interests you. check out my labels on the left, halfway down my blog!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Childrens place is.........

Making a killing off us!!! oy, the invoices say it all. I also shop gap and old navy, but I wont dare post all that too;) eeeeeep, I cant imagine the expense of clothing the huge family that I desire! I thank God for the fact that Nate has had the ability to make enough money for us to spend decent amounts on clothing. Its truely a blessing.

Order Number
Order Date
Total Amount
Order Status
Sat Apr 26 2008 11:17 PM CDT

Order Submitted, Payment Authorized
Tue Feb 19 2008 5:59 PM CST

Order Shipped
Sat Jan 19 2008 12:11 AM CST

Order Short-Shipped
Thu Jan 10 2008 10:29 PM CST

Order Shipped
Wed Jan 02 2008 8:31 PM CST

Order Short-Shipped
Fri Sep 07 2007 5:13 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Wed Aug 08 2007 5:59 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Sat Jul 28 2007 5:28 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Wed Jul 25 2007 5:57 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Fri Jul 13 2007 7:12 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Thu Jul 05 2007 6:06 PM CDT

Order Shipped

Grand total for the past 10 months----2572! Not bad I suppose for 5 kids for almost a year

This Blessed Momma-Mother's Day 2008

I try not to duplicate, but I know many dont read my other blog and this is something I want the world to VERY blessed I am. Can I just say that I am truly the most blessed mommy there is. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father entrusted me with these beautiful people that my children are. They love me so much. They snuck around making me flower baskets from envelopes and a puppet girl from a huge paper bag. Nate gave me a full body massage last night and as if that werent enough, I wake up to the sweet smell of peanut butter choco chip pancakes on the griddle. yum!!! And then.....yes there is more, at church, Everett sneaks into relief society to bring me a whole basket he put together for me with lotion, soap, pumice stone, and chocolates. Wyatt brings me a spoon with kisses in it with this poem attached, " Happy Mother's Day! - A spoonful of love And a couple of wishes That you enjoy your Mother's Day Kisses! " AWWWWW my day was so sweet!

Monday, May 5, 2008

DR Update

Our balance is down to $7860!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU MR President Bush for the stimulus check and thank you God for allowing us to have such a large family, which meant our stimulus check was much larger than the average American's! :0) We are getting there. down from 40K in Debt in September 2007 when our fifth child was born.