Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh the Joys

Well let me start with the blessings and positives in my life. I am so happy to have made it 10.5 weeks and still be pregnant, I get to stop my progesterone in 1.5 weeks, I get to find out whos in there in 2.5 weeks, school is going alright for the kids and life is good. I am super excited for the girl's party this weekend, they are going to have so much fun, the bounce house will be here first thing in the morning and we have already loaded the pinata and party bags and bought everything except food. Then Monday, we leave for our vacation to Palm Springs for 4 days, wooohoooo. I am so excited about that. It will give me some much needed swimming and relaxation. Then, when we get home thursday, I will be putting up all the halloween decor! OH YEAH. I so cant wait.
Now, for the whining, unfortunately my heart is not behaving lately and today was a hard day. I am not sure how I am gonna make it to 36 weeks, but I am willing myself to do it. I just have to. I am still suffering nausea and morning sickies and even got a lovely bout of food poison from McDonalds over the weekend that darn near killed me. Otherwise, I am okay, thankful to be pregnant, but really hoping it flies by!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Morning sickness has eased off the last 3 days and I feel halfway decent. I am 9W2D today so its pretty early to think it could actually be gone, but I am almost certain that it ended around 10 weeks with my girls so I am praying this is the end of it. Nate's work schedule has massively calmed down. He worked 4 days last week and works 3 this week. I am so glad he will be off thurs-sun just in case the morning sickies arent gone. Its nice to have a husband. He has been so helpful. He cleaned the bathroom, fridge, garage and even took us to the nursery we got an Autumn Blaze Maple tree for our front yard(something I have been wanting) this weekend. The weather was even nice all weekend, staying in the 80s. Too bad today is forcasted to be 104, I figure this will most likley be our last major heat wave for the year as its supposed to really start cooling down and I plan to tan in the yard today to get one last fill of the heat! I am working on the planning for the girls' birthday party. Its so bittersweet to see them grow. Kayla will be 8, Kenna 1!! They have the same birthday and they actually are having their party on their birthday day, Sunday September 28th. Well I am off and running, I need to go get invitations and get my suit on so I can tan my white self one last time before the cool fall weather sets in. I look forward to the cool weather a ton.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Months Preggers

2 months~~ From last saturday
And.....guess what I found today?? THE HEARTBEAT!! It was about 2x as fast as my own, but loud and clear. I could hear baby swimming around and the heartbeat would move so I had to kind of chase it around a little lol. How exciting! My uterus flipped forwards last night so I think thats why I was able to hear it today.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Well we were planning a trip to June Lake the end of September, but I am having serious doubts that I will be feeling up to a 6 hour car ride packed with nausea. Nate and I talked last night and we still want to do something to celebrate being debtfree so we are thinking of going either to Palm Springs(much shorter drive) and staying in a gorgeous hotel for 3 nights or so and just taking advantage of swimming, room service and nice resturaunts or maybe the beach for a few nights. I think I prefer Palm Springs. We will see though, we gotta go online and see about reservations and whatnot and try booking something. Right now I am just too ill to care. I have definately been loosing weight. I feel very ill from this pregnancy. I got my doppler in the mail and havent been able to find the baby's heartbeat which freaks me out, but I am only 8 weeks and my uterus is tilted way back so I am trying to remain calm. I go back to the Dr on Sept 17th I think it is. Hopefully they will do another quick u/s if the heartbeat is still not able to be heard by doppler.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I finally got the report back from the Dr about my u/s last friday. His/her heartrate was 126 which was perfect for how early on our u/s was. Our lil pea was measuring 2 days bigger than I thought I was so that was fun news. I am due 2 days sooner. That makes me 8 weeks tomorrow and I am sicker than a dog. I am nauseated or puking almost all day. I am sitting here at 1pm in PJs having eatin almost nothing all day, no shower, no work out, bleh. I just wanna feel better. This is brutal feeling so badly. I am glad baby is healthy, but really over this. I think our quiverfulness is going to come to an end. I just cant do another pregnancy, or well, I just dont want to. I am tired. I hate being pregnant. There is nothing fun or cute about this. I have no clue how much weight I have lost, but I am guessing at least a few pounds from not eating. I am still nursing Kenna a ton as well so sleep is non existent since she doesnt sleep through the night and I am just beat. She wakes up screaming 5X a night lately for nursies because of her teething. Thank God for cosleeping or I wouldnt survive this.