Friday, September 5, 2008


I finally got the report back from the Dr about my u/s last friday. His/her heartrate was 126 which was perfect for how early on our u/s was. Our lil pea was measuring 2 days bigger than I thought I was so that was fun news. I am due 2 days sooner. That makes me 8 weeks tomorrow and I am sicker than a dog. I am nauseated or puking almost all day. I am sitting here at 1pm in PJs having eatin almost nothing all day, no shower, no work out, bleh. I just wanna feel better. This is brutal feeling so badly. I am glad baby is healthy, but really over this. I think our quiverfulness is going to come to an end. I just cant do another pregnancy, or well, I just dont want to. I am tired. I hate being pregnant. There is nothing fun or cute about this. I have no clue how much weight I have lost, but I am guessing at least a few pounds from not eating. I am still nursing Kenna a ton as well so sleep is non existent since she doesnt sleep through the night and I am just beat. She wakes up screaming 5X a night lately for nursies because of her teething. Thank God for cosleeping or I wouldnt survive this.


Not A WTE Dog said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I see that the evil WTE O7 board found you on the April board. I'm sorry that they wouldn't allow you peace on the board. They are like a pack of wild dogs. Don't take it to personally, they eat their own kind too.

Sankat said...

Janis- That is horrible that you are feeling so sick! When I got preg. with #5 I was still nursing #4 A TON and she was 11 mo. old. I just couldn't do it and gave up 6 weeks later...I was happy to make it to a year, but those last two weeks killed me!! It was like I couldn't ever eat enough...I was eating for 3! DH made many food runs. Smoothies from Jamba Juice were a life saver! I hope you start feeling better soon!
How is the public school working for the kids? (it is the older 3 right??)

Wayne and Melissa said...

Sounds like you need a huge Hug Janis! Hope you're feeling better soon and that you get some much needed sleep.