Friday, November 6, 2009

FlyLady Update

I want everyone to know I am still doing it all and still keeping up. I really love flylady. I have had 2 days where my sink lost its shine, but I got back at it the next day. I am tired yes, but I am making it work and Nate is happy for how clean the house has been. The only issue I see with her is that 1 load of laundry a day WILL NOT I repeat...WILL NOT keep chaos away for a large family. It takes more like 3 for me at least. Also, the home blessing she suggests 2X a week has to be done daily in my home. Maybe I am a cleanFreak or something, but I just dont think a house blessing 2X a week is even sanitary for a large family:)

1 comment:

MamaLou said...

You have inspired me to fly (er...again) my bathrooms are clean.....I have 3 boys so this is saying something. We're renovating too.....argh! ah well we all do what we can!