Saturday, May 8, 2010


You know, I find it crazy to believe I could really be only 12 weeks, 3 days today. I am feeling definite movement as well as being able to tell which side the baby is laying in my tummy. Its easily felt as a hard lump on one side or the other way low in my belly. I have felt movement at 13 weeks with 2 of my kids, but never this soon. I will get the definitive answer about how far along I am on Wednesday and hopefully find out the gender that day as well. I have to believe I really am further along. I am also starting to show earlier than I normally do, which could just be because I am getting old and its my 7th baby. Lastly, I am happy to report that morning sickies are easing up already(which is also VERY unlike me). I normally puke for about 14 weeks or more. So I guess Wednesday will tell all.

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Kori Ann said...

Congrats! I felt movement at 12 weeks with my 2nd. Fun times!