Friday, March 23, 2012

More Details to Come April 2nd

.....but for now, I went to my cardiologist yesterday who is very worried as I have had a lot of SVT this pregnancy. He is opting for a 35 week delivery and saying we need to end this asap. I will know the exact plan with Dr. T as of April 2nd at my next apt. That day I will be getting my steroids for the baby's lungs and my induction date. I am not sure he will be comfortable with the cardiology recommendation and I am not sure I am either, but in the next sense, I am not comfortable going into SVT and passing out either. My Cardiologist has also revoked my driving privelidges until delivery which has been the biggest blow. We are trying to decide what to do about that as my kids are in activities and school and me not driving is hardly an option. Wishing the next 4-5 weeks go quick.


Cat said...

Do the kids have friends in school and activities who have a parent that may be sympathetic and willing to give rides until you deliver? I was on a driving restriction for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy after I blacked out behind the wheel, so I know how difficult it is with kids to not be allowed to drive them where they need to go. I couldn't rustle up rides for my girls, so they had to stop activities for a bit if Scott couldn't take them himself. Praying that you can stay stable until delivery, and that these last weeks go quickly for everyone (while still moving slow enough that you may hopefully be able to enjoy it a bit).

Married to the Military said...

wow that is very scary. I really hope that things go well and that you don't pass out! Gosh April 2 seems so far away when you are dealing with something so scary.

I hope that it passes quickly and that your life is drama free between now and then.

Married to the Military said...

Hope that all went well, waiting to hear your news.