Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SoRrY tO LeAvE YoU HaNgInG!!! Catching you all up through pics cause its faster and tells more

All my babies at the park
  Photo: My lil miss xoxo http://instagr.am/p/NJ068dmGjK/Sweet BryleeAnne almost 3 months already!!!
Photo: Such a fun vacation!!!Our vacation last week to Welk Resort San Diego!
Photo: Mama n Brylee http://instagr.am/p/M3hCpcGGtP/Been getting a few new peircings including my nose as you can barely see in this photoPhoto: So rewarding! http://instagr.am/p/Mydm4MmGpy/Been tending to our Garden :)

Photo: Yayyyyy just in time for vacation!!!!!! http://instagr.am/p/M31klUmGpy/Reading this trashy deliciousness, just finished and book 2 will be here any day! Ohhh yea
Photo: Fish was gonna bite lil Mae hehebeen fishing!

been swimming lots
My lil men at the creek
My Divas at the creek
been diggin in the dirt LOTSHe's sexy and he knows it bwahahaha!
Been BBQing and making smores:)Been taking pics pics pics, enjying every last ounce of baby and toddler as the big kids head nearly into teen years :OBeen cooking lots of amazing food, especially from our garden, still eating Paleo and loving it. So healthy!
Love the 4th of July:)
Been busy taking all these photos and feeling complete gratitude for the vasectomy and freedom and world of possibilities its bringing to our lives with our perfect family of 4 and 4 :) Lucky.Blessed.Happy.Free.Healthy.Growing.Nurturing........most of all BUSY :)tata for now, will update more when I can:) Til then, know that I havent dropped off the planet, quite the opposite, I have dropped off the net a lot and into life!


PapillionMom said...

I just checked your blog yesterday in case I'd missed a post. So glad you checked in! I can't believe that sweet girl is almost 3 months already. Kayla is sure growing up quick...she's a year behind my oldest, I think (she'll be 14 in Sept). A high school freshman :-0
Glad you all are doing well. I'd love to read more about Paleo living if you get 10 seconds to write about it or send links :-)
Take care!

DenimAngel said...

Sounds like you are having fun with life. Missed your posts. Thanks for the update. You are all looking wonderful.