Sunday, June 23, 2013

Poor Kenna

          The last week of school, my little Kindergartner Kenna woke up to a not so ordinary day. She was screaming that she couldn't get out of bed. Kayla(my oldest daughter) heard her and carried her to the couch unbeknownst to my sleeping self. I woke up and saw her in some pain and starting asking her if she had fallen the day before or what she thought it was. She kept saying she hadn't fallen and was hurting so bad that when I tried to pull her PJ bottoms down to check for bruises she screamed in writhing pain. I wasn't too concerned and thought maybe it was terrible growing pains. An hour later she needed to use the bathroom and couldn't even lift her own body up to get there and was begging me to carry her. When I picked her up, I knew this was NOT growing pains and something much worse. She screamed so loudly and tears immediately sprung up. I felt the warmth of her body and knew a fever had set in. I called her pediatrician who thankfully was able to see her pretty quickly. When I got there and he saw how stiff her hip was and the amount of pain along with fever, he told me to rush her to our closest children's hospital ER. I was very frightened at this point because they were concerned about a septic hip(never knew this existed). They took us in right away at the children's hospital despite the ER being completely overloaded. Xray confirmed it was not broken.  In an ultrasound, you could just see the huge pocket of fluid in her hip. They rushed her in to the OR to aspirate fluid. At this point the Dr. let me know that if there fluid was even slightly infected looking that she would undergo emergency surgery to clean out her whole hip joint. By the grace of God, it was the proper color and that didn't happen. We weren't in the clear yet though as they said surgery would still be possible, but we were to wait for lab results which took several hours to come back. Thankfully they were clear and it was deemed a virus that settled in the hip joint. After aspirating the fluid though she was feeling much better and able to gently hobble within an hour of the procedure as she was barely coming to. I am so grateful my baby girl is okay:) She wasn't able to run the last few days of school, but she had fun anyhow!

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