Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Preparation

We went out and and got some things to prep for Madelynn's arrival finally. I haven't been too worried about it since we have so much left from Kenna, but they are actually born in two different seasons so clothes are a bit more of a challenge and we needed another single stroller so that I can sling/moby Maddy while pushing Kenna in something lightweight for quick trips with all the kiddos. I have found tons of clothes at a thrift shop over the last few months, but even still, I felt like she deserved her own little wardrobe with some new things in it. I shopped some great sales at Carters and Children's place and finally I feel we are ready for this baby. I of course, still need to do all the washing, but beyond that, we are ready! Its so exciting to have all the preparation done and just sit back and wait.

Kenna in her new Jeep All Weather stroller
Some goodies for Maddy
Maddy's coming home from the hospital outfit
A few more things


Haley said...

Oh I love buying baby clothes, I love Carters for babies, we drive across the line from Canada to shop there. :D

It won't be long now until you have your blessing.

Sankat said...

Yay!!! I love the feeling of being all ready!
The opposite season thing gets really annoying huh? We are now prepared for any gender/season because we have have had all 4 combos...haha.