Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Were Singin' Deck the Halls

I love havin a baby around during the holidays hehe
Even the dishwasher got a lil decor

above the kitchen sink
The kids have been busy making artwork and lists
The dining room with our new country Christmas table cloth
I love this guy~!
The bookcase
The stockings
The TV area
The bathroom
Shower curtain
The tree!
MaddyMay's very own first ornament
Deckin the tree while listening to loud Christmas music and fresh baking cookies. Oh the smells that day each year. This is a day every year that we all look forward to and I think its mostly for the smells of pine and chocolate chip cookies! mmmm
Kenna putting the angel on top
All Done! Dinner time

We are truley blessed. A big, beautiful family, overpouring love, a warm home, wonderful animals to share our lives with and enough money to be comfortable! Praise God

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