Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wyatt Declared it a Christmas Miracle

Maddy waiting for Wyatt
YAY no more cast!

Kenna hangin out while they sawed Wyatt's cast off

Its a long story, but the short of it is; Wyatt wanted his cast off a week before it was due to come off. He premeditated a cast soaking. Well, he succeeded and.....he won! Okay really, he went out that morning and cleaned his whole basketball court. I asked him why he was doing that. His reply was something about his cast coming off in a week. Ok so? That night in the bath he dunked his entire arm and laughed and told me that he cleaned his court off cause he is getting his cast off tomorrow because his arm is wet and they have to. Well, lucky for both of us, his xrays were good and his WAS indeed removed. Lil stinker. Backing up for a second for anyone who missed it, he fell out of their big playset fort onto the wooden edging that keeps wood chips in the play area and landed square on his forearm, which broke it.


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