Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ho Hum Drum

Ho Hum.....I am writing this particular blog to bump my last post down because I don't particularly want to share with anyone IRL until I absolutely have to. I usually shout it from the rooftops, but a #7.....a #SEVEN is just not going to be perceived in a happy light so I will wait until I am barfing too much to hide it or until my belly begins to bulge, which shouldn't take too long. After all, this is my 11th prengnacy. Oh. my. gawd. that sounds like so many! I have of course lost 4 though. So anyhow, going back to the crazy homeschooling moment I was having. Things have been better and I ordered a ton of new stuff from Amazon. Well over $600 bucks worth to be exact. It will give our homeschool a much needed boost in the arts/humanities/music area. I got everything from a kids' yoga dvd to recorders and a beginers book on how to play, mexican pottery clay, tons of Melissa and Doug wood toys, playsilks, art/craft supplies, some cool Usborne books, gosh I could go on and on. I am excited for our purchase to arrive! If that doesn't entertain these lil boogers, nothing is going to.....nothing.


Amy said...

I totally know what your saying! My family gives me crap and this is only 3 for us but the way my family reacts you'd think it was number 101! Lol this time I told my husband that I was gonna pull a JLO and continue to deny it even when it was ridiculously obvious! It didn't work out though some how one person in my family found out and the next thing you know family as far as Florida wanted to know if it could be true! I don't know why everyone acts so suprised though we have made it explicitly clear that we don't believe in contraception other then NFP and we are open to a large family. So I've come to the following conclusion....SCREW THEM! I don't ask them to raise my kids...Heck I don't even ask them to watch them, we are not on welfare, I don't ask for them to pay for us, and my kids are ALWAYS very well behaved. So basically they can keep their opinions to themselves! I don't know what happens to me but when I get pregnant I all of a sudden lose my filter and have no problem speaking my mind! Anyway I say if you all are happy continuing to have kids and you do the best you can to care for them and raise them, then forget everyone else and be happy for yourself! Congrats again!

Jeanie said...

YAY for baby # 7! I hope we are there w/ you in the next year or so. We just moved and my AF hubby has a new job where he has no schedule and will be gone all the time so I need to adjust to this new life. I want to see pics of what you bought. All from Amazon? I want to get the bells set from Lakeshore learning center and learn before next Christmas : )