Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camping in Hartbar

Setting up camp
One view of camp
Another view of camp

Wyatt reading RugRats Campout haha
Kayla ziplining
Wyatt ziplining
Kennapoo ziplining
Everett zipining (he was an animal)
Tanners turn
Kayla lol

I Loved this pic of Maddi, the lighting was just perfect
This one too
The river that ran through our camp
The kids made a damn with Nate so they could swim
Everyone having a reading moment before dinner
playing in the river

We went up to hartbar last month and stayed a few nights. We got a GREAT campsite with a river running right through it. Nate put up a zipline accross the river for the kids. They had SO much fun. We fished, hiked, fished some more, played, read books and just enjoyed ourselves. We ate s'mores and hotogs to our hearts content. The last morning it was VERY cold so we all got up and got in the car and drove a ways to the nearest town and got breakfast and warm coffee. I guess you could say we wimped out, but it was part of the adventure. :)

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