Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Moved In

Well we are all moved in and unpacked except for the trampoline still needing to be put together. The swingset is all together, horses are here, and the kids have even made friends with our neighbors who have an 11 year old girl and 9 and 7 year old boys. The chilly weather is WONDERFUL and simple to get used to. We have already had encounters with bears, spiders on steriods that can live through an entire wash cycle, altitude sickness, getting the cars stuck and almost driving one directly off a cliff stopping a few feet shy of hitting a tree. Oh but all of that is mild in relation to the batty neighbors. Thus far, we have 1 nice and sane neighbor(the people with the kids). We have a crazy old lady who sits on her knees in the middle of the street, 2 people who introduced themselves while complaining about where we parked(parking is very limited in the mountains), a person who introduced themselves whining about the horses, one whining about the dogs and another who warned us that we better not be druggies, partiers, have too many people over, leave trash out, or let our kids be noisy or play in the road. The last person was the last straw. I told the old bitty to tell the neighborhood to quit being jerks, come back with pies and introduce themselves so we can start over. I also informed her that Nate is a deputy and good luck to any of these jerks if they call needing him. GRrrr. I hope her busybody self lets the neighborhood know we are disgusted with the poor treatment. I am not taking kindly to such a RUDE neighborhood and the neighbors are all a block apart with tons of trees so why they all care to nitpick us to death just days after moving in is beyond me. I feel like having a VERY loud party just in spite! Thankfully they are mostly all temporary people who leave at summers end! Praise God, bring on winter!!


Heidi said...

Oooh I hope we have better neighbor luck than that! Glad you are all moved in.

LexxiesMama said...


Sankat said...

Wow! Wow. I just can't think of anything else to say.
I haven't gotten a single "welcome to the neighborhood" pie (or any other food) yet. Good luck getting one :p