Thursday, October 7, 2010

9 Days

Had my second to last prenatal apt today and I have one more next Thursday before my induction the 17th. Baby is indeed measuring large, 3 weeks to be exact, so we assume he's gonna be a biggem! Dr doesn't know if I will make it as my cervix changed another CM this week and I am almost totally thinned out. Have had loss of mucous plug and lots contractions, but only time will tell. I would LOVE to meet him today, but really the induction is very early as is so he needs to stay put. We are so close and each day is such a victory as we are delivering early. Nights are sleepless(maybe 4 hrs a night tops) but I know its best if lil guy stays put just 9 short more days.

 Oh and another change, Kenna got the Jessie doll from Toy Story 3 for her birthday and has carried and played with it nonstop. Why would this matter you ask, well, I started hating the name Jesse, feeling like I would give birth to a red-headed cowgirl with a crazy grin any second. We decided on an official name change......Jaxxon Levi. I really love the name and I am glad to have changed it to something a lil more masculine and not related to a red-headed cowgirl! :)

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