Friday, May 27, 2011

To Answer a Few ???s

  1. We are all moved in and almost done unpacking. Have a few things to do outside still.
  2. While I think skirts and dresses can be(if worn correctly) more modest than anything else, we don't entirely wear dresses and skirts. I am trying to get myself and my girls to wear them as preference over other things, but I do think for horses, trampoline and a few other select things like gardening, bermudas or jeans are more modest/comfy for us.
That's all for today and I am just so greatful to God that we were able to get moved down the mountain safely and smoothly. Its wonderful to be back in our hometown. Getting to see family and old friends means the world. I have missed them all so very much!

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TiffanyM said...

I'm all about Modesty, so growing up if the Shorts didn't go down to my fingertips, i couldn't wear them. and if i knelt down on the ground and the skirt didn't touch i couldn't wear them.