Friday, June 3, 2011

Virtual Tour of Our New Home

 Foyer area to the front door
 Right inside front door and to the left is the entrance to the homeschool room
 Homeschool room is a work in progress but its coming along really nicely
 Homeschool room
 Got the easel at our homeschools curriulum sale this week for 5 bucks yay

 Nate just hung that fan and I love it
 Now onto the kitchen
 Where all the food is made
 My brother painted those saws!
 From dining
 The blessing of a huge dining area for our big family
 The living/den
 Its hard to get a good pic of this room, but its a wonderful and large yet cozy room
 The barn
 Hallway bath
 Hallway bath
 Girls room
 Boys room, 2 sets of bunks
 My room
 My bathroom
 a double showerhead shower yes I am way excited!

 front of house
 garage and extra house(rental)

Horses in pasture!

God is soooo gracious to make provisions such as our new home. I am so very blessed


Tufford Family said...

looks the door to the homeschool room...:)
Blessings, Heidi

Cyndi said...

Love the fan!! The saws fit perfectly in that space. I love your decorating abilities. I have none;) Glad to see you mostly settled in again!

Jessica said...

Looks like a very cozy home to raise your family in!!!

Janet said...

Hi this is your last landlord. Could you please call us? If you don't have the phone number please respond at

Thank you.

Tommy & Janet

Janet said...

This is your former landlord. Will you please call us? If you do not have the # email us at

thank you

Tommy & Janet

joyfilled said...

You have a beautiful home!!