Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Splashtopia Paradise!

The pictures tell all! It was a BLAST at Splashtopa. We swam, ate amazing food, enjoyed adult beverages and watched movies til we had to leave! It was a really fun time:) The start to the vacation wasn't so awesome though. As we were prepping to go, Tanner rode his bike and crashed into our dog's leg. While I took Kayla to ortho to get her braces off, Nate was supposed to go shopping for last minute things we needed for our vacation, but he ended up at the vet getting our poor dog Xrays and eventually a cast for the broken bones*(broke both leg bones:(  We set up babysitting for her and then took off hoping the vacation would be better then the packing for it anddddddddddddd it so was!!

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Jeanne said...

Okay, all of your children are adorable, but I LOVE your baby's squishiness! It looks like you had a blast!

Hooray for family vacations!