Saturday, August 6, 2011

So Much Life and So Little Time! :P

Big plans, so little time. I admit that I did say I wanted to work towards using my blog as more of ministry and while I still do, time is escaping me big time lately. I have also made a big goal after moving to our new house 3 months ago that I wanted to keep it suuuuper clean. I was tired of living in disorder and being embarrassed by drop in visits from friends and family. I have very well kept my word and my white walls are shiny and sparkling(wiped daily), floors mopped(daily or every other day), vacuumed 1-2X a day, bedding washing once a week, laundary done daily so as never to get more than 1-2 loads behind....that sorta thing. 95% of the time our home is now ready for drop in visitors at any moment. This has taken a lot of my time working and training my kids to be more dilligent in their cleaning. With all that said, I am just not certain how often I will be blogging for the time being. I will try to make more time, but I can't promise and its been especially busy for us as we are 6 weeks into our 2011-2012 school year(getting a jump start in case I were to end up preggy during the school year...not even cycling again yet, but the thought has crossed my mind)  already which is eating away all our spare time as well.

We are having a reallllly wonderful school year thus far though, our best yet! Having fun lapbooking, doing FIAR, some MFW(decided it wasnt as great full time as we hoped) and BFIAR for the little ones. I am proud to say we have had such a busy and fun filled summer that I haven't been online much!!

We have been fishing, hiking, swimming, riding, BBQing, visiting local lakes and water parks and enjoying long days outdoors watching the kids ride bikes until the moon makes its appearance. Our grand finale for the summer will be a vacation to a splashtopia paradise, a resort near Palm Springs CA in 2 weeks so I have been busing planning that as well as the fall bday kids(Kayla soon to be 11, Kenna soon to be 4 and Jaxxon soon to be 1) bday party. We are doing a big circus themed party towards the end of September, along with rodeo coming up, the county fair and route 66. The begining of October will be warmly welcomed as a time of relaxation and some hibernation from all the summer hoopla. Well there you have it, I get back to blogging more in time, just be patient with me:) God Bless!


Sankat said...

I'm so glad you are doing so well. What an amazing task of keeping your house clean. That is super hard, especially with so many little ones.

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Kat Im the thinnest I have been since the before the birth of my first child and I owe it to moving constantly keeping the house clean lol! Its a great diet trick

Jennifer said...

Oh man! Yes it is hard to keep a clean house with out constantly cleaning. I've been trying very hard my self to do the same. It really does take a lot of training with your children too. Its a good thing to teach them too. You want them to be able to keep their own home clean. I know what you mean also by being embarrased about your home when someone drops in. I go through that too..Its hard. But so worth it when it is clean:) Kudos to you!!