Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry to Leave You Hanging

We have been going nonstop. We went to our appointment Monday April 2nd and received the first round of steroids for BryleeAnne's lungs. 24 hours later, we went back for round 2 so that is now done and taken care of. Much more happened Monday though.....the perinatologist, cardiologist and my Ob had a phone conference as to what the best option was at this point in the pregnancy. They decided to get steroids on board since I am dilated already and then start tapping(amnio) me at 34 weeks and if lungs are ready, induce. If not, we will tap again at 35 weeks. They fully anticipate lungs to be ready at 34 weeks though and I am pretty sure they will be also since I have had steroids and my other early babies had very mature lungs. All this came as a surprise as we were planning a 36 week induction originally. I am very nervous. Nate was also placed on family medical leave until delivery due the severity of heart issues this time. I am unable to be alone with all the little ones because of the collapsing and passing out. So that's everything in a nutshell. 2-3 weeks left until delivery. We have kicked nesting into extreme high gear around here. Painting, organizing, prepping, finally doing all the baby laundry these last few days and just getting everything done and ready. Our final baby will be here soon. Nate goes in May for the big V and we couldnt be happier or more at peace with that decision as we have been advised by many Dr.s for me to never have more children at this point to which I fully agree. My body is DONE!


Starshine said...

Sorry to hear of all your struggles, but at least Nate is there to help. Woot woot for baby coming soon AND BEING DONE! Lol As much as I'd Love to have more, I look forward to finding peace in being done with pregnancies! Anyway I will be praying for you all and I can't wait for pics! Congrats and we love you guys!

Tufford Family said...

praying for you.
blessings, Heidi

Luvmysixpack said...

Sounds like craziness for you! I hope everything does well with the delivery. I have a friend who just had a 31 weeker and she is breathing on my own and doing amazing and that was without steroids! I am sure your little one will do amazing!

k and j said...

Crazy stuff! So exciting though! I'm sure this little sweetie will be fine :)

AStrongerYou said...

Janis! Hey its Ana from TTC while bfing. I still catch up here on you and so excited see new baby:) Funny thing DH is having his vasectomy reversed in 3 weeks ha ha! Anyway once you are back together come find me on facebook. I recently became a beachbody coach and Id love you to come join me. I think youd make an amazing coach if you liked what you saw! I have several sites.

You can email me to at Im starting Brazillian Butt Lift shortly and cant wait and I know you like to workout too! Hope to hear from ya:)