Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Childrens place is.........

Making a killing off us!!! oy, the invoices say it all. I also shop gap and old navy, but I wont dare post all that too;) eeeeeep, I cant imagine the expense of clothing the huge family that I desire! I thank God for the fact that Nate has had the ability to make enough money for us to spend decent amounts on clothing. Its truely a blessing.

Order Number
Order Date
Total Amount
Order Status
Sat Apr 26 2008 11:17 PM CDT

Order Submitted, Payment Authorized
Tue Feb 19 2008 5:59 PM CST

Order Shipped
Sat Jan 19 2008 12:11 AM CST

Order Short-Shipped
Thu Jan 10 2008 10:29 PM CST

Order Shipped
Wed Jan 02 2008 8:31 PM CST

Order Short-Shipped
Fri Sep 07 2007 5:13 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Wed Aug 08 2007 5:59 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Sat Jul 28 2007 5:28 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Wed Jul 25 2007 5:57 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Fri Jul 13 2007 7:12 PM CDT

Order Shipped
Thu Jul 05 2007 6:06 PM CDT

Order Shipped

Grand total for the past 10 months----2572! Not bad I suppose for 5 kids for almost a year


Andy and Katy said...

I hear ya on the clothes and I only have 2. I am so glad to see that you had a happy mother's day and on a side note-you are beautiful. It is now wonder why your kids are adorable. Look at their parents. Would love to keep in touch.

Katy Morgan

Julie said...

Wow! Kiddo's can definately be expensive! I have 3 children (planning for a 4th) and I have to admit that I don't think I spend even half of that a year on all 3! :) Not to be too nosy, but may I ask what your husband career is in? Maybe I can push mine in that direction! :) Are you guys still doing the Dave Ramsey pay down system? I'm looking into that myself. Does he give advice on how much to spend on things like groceries, clothes, etc?

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Yes we are still doing dave ramsy! The one thing we agreed on when starting it was that they kids WILL NOT go without:) their lives have carried on like normal through this budget----well other than not eating fast food hardly ever now, but they dont mind. Oh and hubby is a deputy!

Jeanie said...

Yiikes that is how I was...but I learned with 4 boys I can pass down much : )
We do a lot of CP too. I NEVER shop without a 20% off though. I go to wowcoupons.com and type in children's place. I now spend MAYBE $300 a piece a year on my older 2 kids as I have no one to pass on to them. I LOVE stride rite, but again I go to the outlet, esp for tax free in August.

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Jeanie, we DO use the 20% everytime lol. I just love seeing my babies in crisp new clothes wayyyy too much:/ Not a great habit I know! There is definately no way I could get away with only 300 a year per child. Nate would throw a fit cause my kids are so hard on clothes, they would look like rag muffins all the time. We do try to pass down, but usually everything is nasty by the time it could be passed on