Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Blessed Momma-Mother's Day 2008

I try not to duplicate, but I know many dont read my other blog and this is something I want the world to know.......how VERY blessed I am. Can I just say that I am truly the most blessed mommy there is. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father entrusted me with these beautiful people that my children are. They love me so much. They snuck around making me flower baskets from envelopes and a puppet girl from a huge paper bag. Nate gave me a full body massage last night and as if that werent enough, I wake up to the sweet smell of peanut butter choco chip pancakes on the griddle. yum!!! And then.....yes there is more, at church, Everett sneaks into relief society to bring me a whole basket he put together for me with lotion, soap, pumice stone, and chocolates. Wyatt brings me a spoon with kisses in it with this poem attached, " Happy Mother's Day! - A spoonful of love And a couple of wishes That you enjoy your Mother's Day Kisses! " AWWWWW my day was so sweet!

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