Friday, July 3, 2009

The New House

Well, the new house is coming along! The addition is all done, our new bedroom is beautiful and the girl's room is enormous. We have nice french doors and a private patio off our room along with a big walk in closet and canned ceiling lighting. The bathroom has been ripped out and restarted. The hardeebacker is up and everything has been bought for it. Nate starts tiling there Monday. After he tiles the shower, he will tile the entire house, paint, put new kitchen counters/sink in , put the new bathroom countertop/mirror/lighting in and then we will move in. The outside has a few things that need done too. We want to put an arena in for the horses and cross ties, but we will worry about that after we move in. I am so excited to be there. Its not far from our home now, but I want to live there so that I can walk out and see my horses every single day. My chickens will have more room there too and obviously the kids and dog and cats are going to love all the space as well. God has truly blessed us.

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Sankat said...

It sounds like you are all really excited to have a lot more space! Yay for the move. I hope everything goes well and you all get a chance to roam more.