Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Plethera of Summer Fun!

The regional park....so much fun!

Our summer has been so jampacked with fun, its hard to beleive. We have been the the $ movies, water parks, pools, skate parks, riding horses nonstop, church bbq's each week, library time with neat things. We have lived, laughed, loved and learned! Its been a fascinating summer with lots of opportunities presenting themselves at every turn. Our homeschool group has had a lot of amazing outings this summer as well. We are truely blessed and I can't beleive all the free/ultra cheap fun you can have when you really look out for the opportunities. Nate has been working on our new house on all his days off so it will be done by summer's end for us to move in, so I have really stepped it up this year, looking for ways to keep the summer enriching and fun without Daddy around much. Its really paid off and I think this really a summer my kids and I will cherish and remember for many years to come.

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Sankat said...

That is great you guys are having so much fun. That water park looks very fun!
You are a brave woman for taking 6 kids out and about alone!