Friday, July 3, 2009

Trading Up

Isn't she just beautiful?
My sweet girl, Jersey
Tanner, Maddy and I with Jersey after we bathed her
Dont mind the shorts and boots, its been hot haha!

Well, I agreed to get rid of 2 of our so-so horses for one good, expensive one. I wanted a really good barrel horse with good lines and I wanted a mare. Geldings just aren't my style. I ended up finding Jersey on Dreamhorse and picked her up the next day. She is absolutely AMAZING! I got her for a very good price too because of the bad economy. She has great lines with Bar and Skippy so I am thrilled. She is also double homozygous so she is guaranteed to throw a paint if we breed her! She is only 6 and was trained 1.5 years ago so I love how youthful she is. She is just the kind of horse that you point her in a direction and she goes, nothing scares her or bothers her. She loves water, crosses busy streets and will REALLY get up and go when you barely nudge her. She is just so awesome. I cannot wait to go to our first gymkhana together. We are gonna clean house! So we now have the pony(Dandy), Jersey, and Speck(our appaloosa mare). Life with horses is a life I will never again live. I am truely living now. I can't beleive how much these animals complete me as a person. They are who I am.

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