Monday, April 26, 2010


We've done great sticking to a pretty good routine for a bit over a week now and I happy to report that the house is back to being tidy all day without a ton of nagging or effort. A routine is key. I wrote Nate a respect letter and apologized for my inconsistency and lack of respect for him lately as well as my letting the household kind of go. I am also happy to report that Sonlight will be here this week to begin. I have subscribed to all their newsletters and forums so that we can be uplifted when we feel tired or off track. Progress is coming along and our house feels like one of peace and contentedness right now. We also went to church at the local Calvary Chapel this Sunday. It was nice and the message was wonderful. It felt good to be there and take communion. I/we needed it. The kids were very happy to go and are already excited for next week. We had an issue with this church last summer when they asked me to sit outside in the mothers area with Maddi in 102 degree heat. They have since added on a nice, indoors mothers room and I assume that will no longer be a problem. They also have great summer BBQs each Tuesday that start in May with a concert by local Christian bands and even some larger bands from Air 1 and KSGN like 10th Avenue North. I said I didn't want to become overly involved though so we are sticking to Sundays only right now. We may pick up the Tuesday night service in May for the summer BBQ and concert series because its fun for the whole family, but very casual and relaxed. Several of our homeschool group families attend this church as well. Anyhow, everything is great.......just gotta stay strong and be consistent!

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Stephanie said...

I have been following you since you were on BC years ago. I am just intrigued by you and feel that we have a lot in common. I was soooo saddened when you turned away from God. But I prayed for you and continued to check in every once in a while. What a praise report it was when I read your latest! Amen!
Like you, I started with Sonlight and then returned it a few years ago. I was overwhelmed. I've since gone back to Sonlight this year and I love it. It just works so well for us and it's inspired a love of reading in my son who hated to read. It allows much togetherness for our family. Keep up with it! It's rewarding ahd challenging.
I look forward to reading more on your life full of blessings!