Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Steps

My sweet little reason for consistency

Sonlight arrived this week and we have begun Core 1+2 with Science 2 and LA for each child and we are keepin on on our Rod and Staff math. Were planning a fun weekend with my niece's first birthday party Saturday and of course church Sunday along with the Air Show. We are really excited to head out to see all the planes, jets and choppers and have a fun day in Nate's old stomping ground......the air force base. I am looking forward to building a year of great memories cuddled up reading this year doing Sonlight. I want to also say that something I am finding to be a huge blessing and source of strenght in my life right now is my group of LDS mamas I ride with. There is a large group of us(today we had 9) and we ride out each friday, trailering the horses somewhere different each week and although I don't share their exact belief, it is so nice to be with loving mamas who have a profound love for Jesus Christ and share the same love of horses that I do. I feel so lucky to have them. Things are on a good track and I can see nothing but good things for the remainder of 2010, including(hopefully) the birth of our seventh child in October. It feels right and for that I am happy. I look forward to the constant challenge to be consistent this year in my parenting, church attendance and homeschooling as well as housekeeping. I will keeping close tabs on myself and blogging through this journey.

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