Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Close Call

Well, I have been riding this entire pregnancy so far and all has been well. I guess you somewhat forget the risks when your around horses all the time and you take for granted that they are big animals with their own minds. All my Mormon mamas and their daughters and Kayla and I went out for a ride yesterday. It was a bit drizzly and chilly out, but we went anyhow. As we came up the street on the way to the trail head, my horse decided to jump in front of a huge, lifted truck.....OK. He stopped and we were alright. She just was a bit spooky from the cold. Anyhow, everyone decides we should go cross the big riverbed and head into the mountains and it sounds like a fun plan. My horse does cross water fine, though our pony isn't a huge fan so I am a bit worried for Kayla. We get to the water crossing. Mind you, its VERY deep and swift. It is up past the pony's belly. My horse and the pony go in like a charm, no problems. We get almost across(at the deepest point now) and my horse starts bucking like crazy. I have no clue why so I let go of the pony's reigns(had to kinda drag him in lol) and my horse somehow was caught up on another horses reigns. It was actually my stirrup that was caught. By now we are out of the water, my 1000 dollar saddle actually snaps. Yes the entire stirrup leather breaks to free us because of the force from her bucking. I am still on, but now with only 1 stirrup. I am yelling woe and pulling back, but shes unstoppable. We went into a mad run-buck through bushes and trees. She finally JUMPS a huge bush(3.5 feet high I kid you not) and I fly off all the while praying, "God don't let me get stomped." I finally hit the unforgiving ground after what felt like eternity, my poor Kayla screaming, "Mommy, Mommy, mommy!" I am frantic, wondering just bad I am hurt. I am in too much shock to feel and suddenly the thought comes to mind that I am well over 4 months pregnant. I instantly feel panicked for baby Jesse. I keep praying he will move, but he doesn't. I climb back on in shock, thinking I felt perfect and we head for the hills anyway. We get a ways up the road and the swaying motion of horseback starts making me feel faint. I hop off and put my head between my shaking legs and realize that I must be coming out of shock. Body parts start throbbing. I climb on once more and try to carry on, only to almost faint again. I finally admit defeat and call Nate to come ride my horse home. I carefully drive home, which thankfully was a short drive. I drink juice quickly and lay down and pray once again to feel movement. Finally about an hour after my initial fall, Jesse starts stirring like crazy, PRAISE God! It was a really close call and a good reminder that these giant animals have their own minds and the potential to kill us, even if by accident. Nate asked me to stop riding for the remainder of the pregnancy and I agreed. It is not worth the risk of another accident. If I had been further along, I don't believe the outcome would have been as good. With all the bucking, surely the horn would have slammed my belly had I been showing more. It could have been a real catastrophe. Thankfully I am just really really sore. I cannot believe how bad a fall hurts at the ripe of age of 26 vs. when I was 15. My neck feels like I have whiplash, my right hand and forearm ache, my calf was stepped on, my left knee is swelled up, my left shoulder is the most injured, making it almost impossible to even lift my left arm. All that doesn't matter though, I will heal. I am just so grateful I have the second chance to not ride again and risk hurting the baby. All the things ran through my mind about how much could have gone wrong, my placenta could have abrupted and killed us both. We got very lucky. I am counting my blessings and thanking God for keeping us safe so I would have the opportunity to make better choices and not put us in the predicament again.


Sankat said...

Very scary! I am so glad everything is ok.

Heidi said...

Very glad you and baby are ok!

After the fire, Logan was really quiet for awhile and I was so worried until my OB explained that its actually part of the natural fight/flight adreneline response. He calls it the, "Being chased by the saber tooth tiger is not the time to distract mom or give birth" reaction. Apparently terbutaline is actually designed to trigger that response.

Anyways, glad you are all ok!

Jeanne said...

So glad you and your little one are alright! And glad that Kayla was okay too!

May the Lord be with you and you heal soon!!

Deanna said...

When's your next doc appointment - might be a good idea to get checked out just to be on the safe side. Take care of yourself and the little babe inside! Glad you made it through.

The cool family! said...

HOLY MOLY! I've never been on a horse, so I can only imagine how scary to be in a deep lake with a bucking horse in the cold rain! OMG!

Good thing you were okay!!