Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Brings Busy and Fun

We have so much planned now that the season is changing and weather is finally warming up. Its normally warm much sooner than June here in SoCal so its been a long winter, skipping spring altogether. I have begun soaking the plot in our yard where we will be rototilling tomorrow and mixing in topsoil to make our garden. We bought all the seeds yesterday so we are ready to create a beautiful garden complete with prize-sized pumpkins(or so we hope). We will be growing quite a variety this year. Our topsy turvy already is growing tomatoes and peppers, however we will be planting more of each in the ground. I also have basil and chives growing on my kitchen counters, but those we will also plant outside. We even plan to grow sunflowers this year and we will harvest the seeds and package them in handmade packages and tie a cute sunflower poem to them to give away at Christmastime. I am really excited about our garden because we became wishy-washy as to whether we even wanted to spend the time doing it this year. I decided that we should though. There is too much beauty and joy to loose in not doing a garden.

Next on the agenda is of course camping. Major bummer, all the rain seeped in through a tiny hole we didn't know we had in our camping trailer's roof and damaged the entire roof. It also seeped down into the walls and they are all filled with mildew. I believe we are going to cut our losses and sell the trailer as is for cheap. Its a real bummer though so we had to purchase a tent and airbed. We have everything else for camping thankfully. I did get one frivolous purchase though, a screen house. I LOVE being able to sit in one of those for meals while camping. I don't really enjoy sharing my meals with bugs and gnats! I am pretty excited about that purchase. We will hopefully finish up our garden tomorrow and then take off for our 3 day camping adventure Sunday right after church.

Of course summer couldn't be summer without all our homeschool group's fun activities. We got free passes to the fair for the end of summer, free parking and 9 free rides for each child. We also have lots of outings to water parks, swimming pools and lagoons with our homeschool group all free or very discounted. Our group stays very active during the summer, which is really a blessing. And, it couldn't be summer without the weeklong Vacation Bible Blast at church for the kids the end of this month. Church is really active this summer as well with activities like summer concerts, family movie nights in pjs(going to see Up next week) and a family camping trip planned for September. We are looking forward to a very busy, but fun summer. We plan to keep it as low cost as possible and just enjoy the beautiful warm weather.

You didn't think I would really end this post without an update did you? Okay so we finish week 5 of Sonlight today and are still enjoying church each week. I am on day 20 of my 90 days to becoming a proverbs 31 woman. The chorepacks are the biggest blessing to come into my life more recently. I really cannot sing enough praises about the chorepacks and the Yes Mam, Yes Sir chart(idea also taken from the Duggars book). Between those two things, I hardly recognize my well mannered children anymore:)