Tuesday, August 10, 2010

View as you walk in the front door, VERY open floor plan, which I love
kitchen facing the front door
dining room
living room
view from living room windows, 3rd story up, we are literally in the treetops:) Beautiful birds up here
upstairs bathroom
our only flat portion of property!
The horses(looks flat, but they are actually on a pretty steep hill lol)
play area again
Wyatts room(he got his own because the autism makes it difficult for him to share a room with others)
loft(messy sorry)
loft again
girls room
Everett and Tanners room(also a bit messy)

So this is the house for the most part. We are settling in nicely. If you looked and thought my kid's rooms were plain, you were right. We use rooms for sleeping and clothing only and maybe a few very special toys/books that each child wants to keep to themselves. I like it this way so rooms stay clean and tidy for the most part. We are starting to really enjoying living here now and the neighbors have all become much nicer since seeing Nate pull up daily for lunch in his cruiser. He has worked on several headline cases out here already as well so people really are begining to respect our family up here. Lastly, I am so proud and wanted to mention that at Nate's going away BBQ last week at his old station, he received "Deputy of the year nominee" for his station. We won't know if he actually makes deputy of the year for the entire county until years end, but either way it is a HUGE honor that his station nominated him. He really is a great cop, he works hard and I couldn't be more proud of him.


Heidi said...

I'm almost ready to do a welcome to our new house post, but I've got a long way to go on the school goals & planning! Good for you! We have very similar homeschool styles I think

The cool family! said...

Your house looks great!! We live in the woods too and I LOVE it. I love the freedom the kids have to run around and be kids outside.