Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where He Guides, He Also Provides

I am overflowing with gratitude today. I posted on facebook last week asking if anyone had baby boy clothing they no longer needed because this move has hit us a bit hard financially and I still had not a thing for this baby boy who is coming in 9 weeks. A friend messaged me and told me if I wanted to, to come by her house today while we were down for my prenatal visit because she had some clothing and things from her son that she no longer needed due to her husband recently having a vasectomy. I went down today and what do I show up to find? 2 HUGE bags of clothing, 1 entire one is all brand new with tags still on, a brown printed matching swing and bouncer in almost new condition, an almost new saucer, a bumbo, a walker, a floor gym, a brand new carseat comfy, and little shoes and other accessories. My suburban was literally stuffed with baby items all of which I do not have! I had a bouncer from Maddi, but its pink. I cannot believe the kindness of her to give me all these things. I literally think about the only thing we now need is socks for Jesse. I was really stressing out being that we had nothing for our lil guy and now here we are overflowing with luxury items I haven't had in several kids like a swing and walker and saucer. Its amazing that God not only provides, He showered us in more than we could have ever asked for. Then, Nate's dad had someone from his work who's baby just potty trained and she no longer needed her diapers so she gave him about 300 size 4 diapers to give to us. This was amazing also because we were low on diapers and on money and I was needing to grab diapers as well. Seriously, generosity was pouring out to us today and I feel so full of thanks to God. I know He knew our needs and saw to it that they were not only met, but exceeded!

On another note, my prenatal visit went well except that I was in a mild case of SVT(heartrate wouldn't come down from 160's for several hours) this morning while at the drs( I think the trip down the mountain did it, but I am not certain) and he said at this point we will be planning for steroids at 34 weeks and then he will tap me(amnio) to check lungs at 35 weeks and we will deliver between 35-36 weeks so it looks like the 37 week delivery we hoped for is no longer. That is okay though. I want baby and I to both stay healthy and if my dr feels that is the best plan of action, I fully trust him as he is also a close family friend and Godly man. I know where he seeks wisdom from and I always rest in that peace in having him as my dr. :) God bless and I hope everyone else is having a wonderful day.


Truefemininity said...

Wow! That is an awesome blessing!

Danielle said...

If you know you are going to keep having children, then hang on to that stuff

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Danielle, I felt your comment was rather rude, but I posted it anyways. Anyhow, let me explain. After 3 kids, my swing was shot out and I never got another so its not like I have wastefully given things away knowing I would need them again. As for clothes. I have 3 huge bins of baby girls clothes, however, my "baby" boy is now almost 6 and he was the 3rd boy in a row so after him, 90% of the clothing couldnt even be given away, it was thrown away due to holes and spit up and blow out stains. Baby clothes can only stretch so far. As for a bouncer, I had one with Maddi that was given to me, but its pink. Her saucer was given to me in VERY loved condition and when she was through with it, it was broken and had to be thrown away. Not that I owed you this explination, but I have made due without these luxury items for my last several children and it felt like such a blessing that someone who no longer needed them, would pass them on:)

Brenda said...

What a wonderful gift! I have no doubt that you are so very grateful! :)

It doesn't matter if someone is expecting their 1st, 4th or 10th, sometimes money gets tight and we just can't afford things we need, let alone things we want. So for someone to offer up these things is amazing!!

I hope that the poster didn't mean her comment as it sounded. I have no doubt that the things will be lovingly cared for and if another baby comes your way, it will be put to good use again. :)

Kaitlyn said...

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Kaitlyn said...

Hi Janis, could you email me whenever you get a chance, hotmommyto4bbz@aol? I commented earlier about BFL. You look AMAZING in your weight loss posts! ~Kaitlyn