Friday, November 19, 2010

Health update

I am not convinced of the Schwarzbien plan for my particular body type any longer. The scale didn't budge until I started doing the shred DVDs for the last 3 days and even then I only budged 1 lb and honestly I have never felt worse in my life energy-wise. I feel like a walking zombie with such low carbs. I had one cheat day and I was feeling terrible until that day, the last 2 days again I feel like death. I made it one whole week and 1 day on this plan and I am so irritable, dizzy shaky, etc despite writing down everything I ate the other day and realizing I was getting almost 2200 calories a day(another reason I probably only lost 1 pound all week) and I typically don't take in that many calories and feel much more vibrant. I am calling it quits on this plan and I will take up body for life as of today and report back next week. Basically I won't be counting calories just the same as this past week but I will be eating lower fat and 6 mini meals a day with 1 protein and 1 carb per meal and veggies with 2 of those mini meals. I will keep up with the shred DVDs every other day as there is no way to walk outdoors anymore since snow season has begun and the weather is frigid hitting low to mid 30s midday with no sunshine. So, those are the tweaks I am taking in the health regime this week.

Stats from last week and today:
Height: 5'5"     Same today

Weight: 133 lbs Todays: 132

Waist: 30.5"      Today: 29.5" I thank the SHRED for this inch gone!! woohoo

Hips: 38.75"      Today: 38.7"
Bust: 36.5"         Today: 37" (gained .5" probably milk is full lol)

Arm: 10.5"         Today: 10.5"

Thigh: 22"           Today: 22"

WHR: Waist(30.5) divided by Hips(38.75) = 0.787096774  TODAYS: 0.762273902
Waist to Height Ratio is ideally less than .50, but most beautiful at 39.5 for women, Mine is: 46.9 bleh
TODAYS: 0.453846154
Amazing how much 1 in off my waist changed those ratios!! YAY me, small progress, but progress nonetheless

Sample day on body for life eating plan:

I will be adding coffee back in, I LOVE coffee and some things in life are worth splurging for, especially as cold as it is here!
Breakfast: Slimfast shake, high protein kind
Snack: fruit and string cheese
Lunch: grilled chicken sandwich with veggies on it and use a whole wheat thin bun
Snack: hummus and crackers
Dinner: salmon, sweet potato and asparagus
Snack: cottage cheese and activia yogurt(these are so yummy together)

I like this plan better as it allows more carbs and even if I wanted to eat something unhealthy, no biggie just make sure it has a protein and carb ie a slice of pizza with a salad for lunch, just make sure the pizza has some sort of meat and cheese on it. It allows more flexibility and is a great way of life as I was on this plan for about a yr after MaddiMae's birth. It seemed to work for me and keep my weight and body composition nice along with constant flow of energy all day not feeling all drained and icky.

11/21 Update: I lost another pound and another .25 inches off my waist! I feel better and my energy is returning on this eating plan.

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My Life With Boys said...

I have always just made sure I eat balanced. I also never drink soda or fruit drinks. Just water and one cup of coffee a day. I have cut out wheat (I was having stomach issues) and now eat gluten/wheat free about 95% of the time. No more stomach troubles...yay!!! I do struggle with getting enough fruits and veggies in since I feel like it takes time to wash,peel,cut everything ect. I have also noticed a difference by NOT skipping breakfast! I do not do any form of physical exercise though...ugh. Something I need to incorporate! Give yourself a break though- you just had a baby!!! You look amazing! ;-)