Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Smiles at 4 Weeks

 Trying to caputure all his first smiles
 He was thinking hard here
 Staring at mama with love in his eyes

Closing his eyes because by this point he wore himself out smiling so much

 The infamous OOOO face
 My wuv bug
A Great time with besties up in Lake Arrowhead

Jaxxon is growing so fast. its. honestly. painful. I wish he would slow down. He is an amazing, beautiful baby. We are so incredibly blessed and I have been taking this month to count those blessings more than normal:)  I am so excited to report that Jaxxon, although a large preemie, has continued to gain really well even after the doctors tried scaring us because he left the hospital almost 1 lb below his birth weight. He left the hospital at 5.9lbs and is already well over 8 lbs at 1 month and growing everyday. Everyone is well, schedules are adjusting nicely to a new baby, the mountain air is crisp and cold and the trees are absolutely breath takingly beautiful. We have health, family, amazing friends, and a beautiful place to live. Life is good.


Mrs. Wilson said...

I love your baby's sweet faces. He looks SO much like your husband! Beautiful work, both of you!:)

Mommyto4 said...

He is a sweet precious baby! I know what you mean about time flying by. My youngest is 4.5 months, and I am always saying I wish time would stop for a while. He is growing so fast, and I am trying to grasp every second and hold on to it! I think with each baby, time slips away quicker and quicker.