Saturday, June 25, 2011

When is your......Back to School?

We start back July 5th and I can't wait! We have been out since May 1st so I am aching for routine and I am super excited about our curriculum this year. We will be doing My Fathers World, Creation to Greeks. We plan to work for 4 weeks and then take 1 off work 4 then 1 off all year with the exception of 2 weeks at Christmas and finish again around the begining of May. How do you ladies do your school years? We enjoy May/June off because its nice weather and I notice by July we become so overheated that we prefer to be indoors anyhow. So back to school is RIGHT around the corner for us. :) yay

On a side note, I am asking for prayers. 4 of our 7 kids have chicken pox(including baby Jaxxon), 5 of us have just finished passing around the stomach virus and now a cold is also going around all at the same time. Some of the kids were puking while covered in chicken pox. Its been a really rough week and yet I am so thankful I was first to get sick because I got better fast and have been able to care for my family, including my poor husband who is now on his second virus in 6 days.


Heidi said...

We do a roughly 1st of August through end of May schedule. We don't take quite 1 week off for every 4 but we do take off a week in the fall, a week in the spring, and 2-3 weeks at Christmas.

Hope you all feel better soon!

Cat said...

Our back to school this year will be late July or early August. I wanted to start at the beginning of June, but Scott is having surgery July 7th so we decided to push it back to vacation until he's back to work from it.