Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Had to Blog About It!!!!

We started our first day back to school yesterday and went to dinner last night to celebrate our back to school. Its been a fun week so far and I just wanted to say, My Fathers World Creation to Greeks is SO...MUCH....FUN!!!! Let me tell you what a perfect balance it is of reading and hands on, but not junky and boring hands on. This is fun stuff. We have tried, Rod and Staff, Abeka, Five in a Row(LOVED), and Sonlight along with unschooling and just doing our own thing over the years. This is our 7th year homeschooling and I cannot beleive how much we are loving My Fathers World(Delux pkg). I am already thinking we will use it again next year. Its just an amazingly Biblical based curriculum that really goes in depth and brings the Bible to life through experiences, art, science and captivating books like Dinosaurs in Eden. I love doing Bible study each morning with Daddy involved also because the place in the Bible we are reading pertains directly to things we will do that day in school. Its neat because he knows around about what we are learning each day, leaving him feeling more involved. It is my prayer that each family has/could find a curriculum that they love as much as we love this one!

What we are currently using for the year:
My Fathers World, Creation to Greeks Delux package with all children, Notebooks and student sheets with 6th, 4th and 3rd grader. This package includes a timeline we hung in our homeschool room and will add to all year, notebooking sheets for the 4 oldest kids, vocabulary(latin/greek/hebrew) program, Creation science, read alouds, Bible feasts and Victor Journey through the Bible, and fun project books about Egypt and other places mentioned in early Old Testament times. I love the Bible really being the backbone to our education!

Kayla 6th grade: Abeka Language of God series for LA, Singapore math, Abeka Spelling
Wyatt and Everett(3rd and 4th grade): Abeka Language arts and arithmatic
Tanner(K/1st): Horizons math, Hooked on phonics 1 and 2 Kindergarten, My Fathers World little readers series.
Kenna(Pre K age almost 4): Rod and Staff preschool workbooks, PreK hooked on phonics
MaddiMae(2yo): Joins big sis Kenna in workbooks, coloring and listening to hooked on phonics PreK CD rom!
Jaxxon(9mo): plays with a big box of fun baby toys!

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Jeanne said...

Sounds like you have found a fantastic curriculum for your family! I'm excited with the possibility of being able to homeschool our LO when they arrive!