Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Baby News

Yesterday's prenatal appointment went well. We ended up getting an NST and an ultrasound to check fluid levels which were both unexpected, but the great news is that baby looked amazing, as did her fluid levels:) Now for the nerve wracking/exciting part, we go back Monday for a repeat of yesterday's tests and then we head to the hospital for the amnio. Pending mature lungs, my induction is scheduled for Wednesday April 18th at 7am!!!! EEEEEEP that is coming so soon. I pray her lungs are extremely developed and that she will do very well. I'm nervous, but excited to get childbearing and birthing behind me and get home with my precious and final newborn of our clan! Now, if her lungs are not mature enough, we will go for an induction the 25th. Soooooo, looks like we will have a baby in possibly 8 days:)


Tabitha said...

Hi Janis, thinking of you and hoping the amnio went well! Update when you can.

Married to the Military said...

wow it is all coming to an end so soon! Can not wait to hear the news.

Marriedto theMilitary said...

just wonderig if that new baby is here yet?