Friday, May 19, 2017

April Fool's

A squinter at 8-9dpo

2 months pregnant with #9


Let me begin with the back story. Nathan had a vasectomy reversal last year and after his analysis came back, we were told that to conceive more children we would likely need IVF with ICSI. His count was 690.000 with 5% motility. It was tough news for us this March after high hopes and spending a large chunk of money, but we figured that maybe later we would go ahead and go for IVF. A few short weeks after this news, I felt off.......I was nauseated and could smell too well. I decided to grab a $ tree cheapy and I was so sure I wasn't pregnant that I tossed it in my jacket pocket forgetting I had taken it until later during our date night. At dinner I put my hand in my pocket because I was cold and I felt it and pulled it out, shockingly it was positive. It was a squinter, but even Nate could see it. It turned into a very fun date night wondering if the cheapy was lying after receiving such sad news 3 weeks previously, but being so hopeful that maybe just maybe. The next morning I retested using a reliable FRER and again,  a squinter, but I was definitely pregnant! We got to hear baby's heart beat at an ultrasound at 6W5D, it was 114 BPM. Found baby's heart on my home doppler at 7W5D and it was 162! The last ultrasound photo is from 9W5D where baby looked fantastic, was waving and had a heart rate of 171. So far the pregnancy has been pretty uneventful except for the all day nausea that has plagued me since 5W5D. At 10 weeks 2 days today, the nausea has eased off a lot the last couple days, but who knows if it will come back with a vengeance. I am praying we are over the rough part and headed into smooth, nausea free waters! We are looking forward to welcoming baby 9, our little miracle, into our family during the late fall. 

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jay said...


I am glad you have resurrected this blog - I am going to subscribe and be a new follower.
How exciting, (almost) 9 kids and a farm!