Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Tie Breaker!

Maybe flatish nub at 11 weeks 

 Giving us the bird! #futurerockerbaby
We went today for a free ultrasound as an ultrasound model for a local pregnancy clinic training day. It was a great experience, there were 2 different nurses ultrasounding me getting their training time in. I made an interesting candidate with my extremely retroflexed uterus. They said I was a great teaching tool. Baby was rolling, flipping, kicking and going wild. Everett was this way in utero also, he came out quite the wiry little thing.  Baby's nub appears to be maybe flat at 11 weeks, however, it is still very early. I feel, based on intuition,but admittedly I am out of practice. We will be able to confirm in 2 weeks at the NT scan. Then.........let the shopping begin!

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